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Where can Krasnoyarsk residents have a rest in winter?

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Few people question the relevance of travel in cold winter months. When it is -29 ° C outside, any Siberian dreams of a warm sea and a sunny coast next to palm trees. And that is why the demand for tours from Krasnoyarsk continues to remain high, despite the crisis and the difficult political situation in the world.

But local travel agencies are not only attracted by tropical countries in Eastern Siberia. Russian destinations are also relevant, and over the past couple of years, dozens of domestic resorts have managed to raise the bar for recreation and service, attracting more and more guests.

Our editorial staff has prepared its own list of countries and resorts where residents of Krasnoyarsk can relax in winter.

Tours abroad from Krasnoyarsk


Popular tours in Thailand from Krasnoyarsk are so popular not only because their prices did not rise too much even at the height of the crisis, and not even because the city is located in the same time zone as the Kingdom of Smiles. The demand for tours is determined by the level of service and the long-term cooperation of Thai operators with the Russian tourist.

There are two `` popular '' resort of Thailand Pattaya and Phuket. Tours in both directions are relatively inexpensive, and laquo; all inclusive & raquo; and universal formats of recreation with zoos, water parks, excursion programs, visits to Buddhist monasteries and non-stop shopping. Krasnoyarsk residents will be able to get to the sunny beaches of tropical resorts for a week for 26,000 rubles and more.



More expensive option islands Koh Samui, Krabi and other resorts in the equatorial part of Thailand. The dry season is very short here from December to mid-January, but throughout the rest of the winter, these regions offer premium beach vacations. A voucher in this direction will cost no less than 60,000 rubles .

If you want to see modern Thailand and walk all day among skyscrapers and giant shopping centers, then choose tours to Bangkok. There are many rumors about the Thai capital, but only a real trip will help to refute them, or to make sure in every word about Patpong Street and other `` evil '' ones. places. Tour starting price – from 44,000 rubles per week.


The direction of Southeast Asia for Siberian tour operators remains the best selling, therefore tours to Vietnam from Krasnoyarsk take an honorable second place in all local ratings. Winter in the republic is also the height of the swimming season, but vacation in Vietnam is not based on sea activities alone.



Top tours to Nha Trang from Krasnoyarsk will be offered in most agencies, but except this resort has a more youthful area called Mui Ne, considered the Asian capital of surfing. Both directions are relatively inexpensive and can offer Siberians a warm sea, helpful hotel staff and a high level of entertainment. The cost of such a beach pleasure will be from 32,000 rubles for a week trip.

Direction to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City – these are very specific tours, which, most often, are devoted to excursions to places of military glory and museums, or to shopping that is relevant at any time of the year. For lovers of many hours of walking around the markets and shopping centers, this is an ideal option. The price of vouchers varies, but it is unlikely to find cheaper than 55,000 rubles for a week.


Another `` neighbor '' residents of Krasnoyarsk from year to year attracts more and more tourists to their own provinces. Vacation packages to China in winter have different profiles, but if we take the most popular, then there will be two vacation formats.

Image 26,000 rubles .

India (Goa)

Indian state Goa, located in the heart of the tropical belt, has long enjoyed great love and winter tours from Krasnoyarsk to this corner of the hot sun and warm sea continue to sell well, despite the obvious rise in price.



The main rest here – it is an introduction to Indian culture, cuisine, music, beaches and other benefits of ancient civilization. How close you want to get to know all this is up to you, but most tourists come here for this very purpose. From active recreation, guests mention diving and surfing, which is more suitable for young people.

The cultural format of vacations in Goa – it takes many hours, and sometimes – multi-day excursions to local attractions, most of which – these are Catholic churches, colonial mansions and fortifications rebuilt by the British and Portuguese. The combination of recognizable European architecture against the background of typical Indian cities – a very original sight, but most of these buildings – UNESCO monuments.

The cost of tours to Goa from Krasnoyarsk in 2016 starts from 35,000 rubles for 9 nights.

Tours in Russia from Krasnoyarsk

If there is no desire or opportunity to go abroad, then Russian resorts provide Krasnoyarsk residents with a wide range of options for spending New Year's holidays.


The closest of the major ski centers to Krasnoyarsk – this is the Kuzbass resort Sheregesh. Received the unofficial status of `` Siberian Switzerland '' A small village in the region called Gornaya Shoria has become a symbol of the revival of Russian tourism in recent years.



Today Sheregesh – it is a dozen of slopes, modern lifts, as well as great opportunities for living and entertainment outside the ski slopes. Every winter, the resort breaks attendance records, and towards the end of the season, festivals of all-Russian scale are held here, attracting eminent athletes.

In addition, among all the advantages of Sheregesh, it is necessary to indicate other profiles of recreation here. Traveling is impossible without a snowmobile ride, and if you have money, you can even order a helicopter excursion.

The cost of a ticket from Krasnoyarsk to Sheregesh and back starts from 6,000 rubles .


Another important destination for tours from Krasnoyarsk is Baikal. It is impossible to imagine a catalog of vouchers from the city without options for recreation in one of the numerous tourist centers scattered around Tsar-Ozero, among the impassable taiga.



There are now several dozen specific directions along Baikal, but the leaders are – extreme off-road driving on the ice of the lake, dog sled races and travel to the largest islands, including Olkhon. All programs have their own cultural component, and thematic tours in general are often dedicated to the traditions of Siberian peoples.

From sporting events in winter, an international ice regatta is held on Lake Baikal, which is attended by participants from all over the world. Anyone can see the sailboat race on skates, you just need to know the days of the event.

A standard tour to Lake Baikal from Krasnoyarsk in winter costs from 10,000 rubles for 3 days.


Altai remains a popular destination for domestic Russian tours from Krasnoyarsk. The resorts of the pearl of Siberia attract thousands of people even in winter months, and those wishing to celebrate the New Year among the mountains and taiga will certainly be impressed by such an unusual trip.



But apart from tours to the Chemal region and other well-known routes, Altai resorts also offer an alternative profile of recreation, namely treatment. And the leader of this trend will be Belokurikha. Since Soviet times, local sanatoriums have been famous for their high-quality approach to recreation and health improvement.

And, nevertheless, snowmobile tours and routes to conquer winter Altai on off-road vehicles are in much greater demand. Experienced tourists have noticed more than once that it is in winter that the edge of the mountains becomes a place not only for entertainment, but also for testing endurance.

The initial cost of tours to Altai from Krasnoyarsk – 25,000 rubles .

St. Petersburg

Not a single winter trip for the sake of excursions and cultural life with a flight from Krasnoyarsk is complete without tours to St. Petersburg. The northern capital every year becomes a venue for colorful New Year's performances, in no way inferior to Moscow, and in terms of the concentration of festival days and other interesting events – even ahead of it.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Standard tour for 3-4 days contains a rich recreation program. Groups of tourists are taken from the Hermitage to the Peter and Paul Fortress with sightseeing tours. Some tours include a visit to Peterhof or Tsarskoye Selo, at the choice of the group. Any destination is unique and contains several dozen sights.

Thousands of Siberians regularly go to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg, and Krasnoyarsk residents are no exception. Walking on a festive night from the Palace Square – an indispensable attribute of a celebration in the city on the Neva.

The price of a tour to St. Petersburg from Krasnoyarsk depends entirely on the recreation program, but taking into account the flight, the initial cost will be 42,000 rubles .

Veliky Ustyug

And, of course, New Year's tours from Krasnoyarsk, like from any other city, will not bypass a small town in the Vologda region, where the residence of Father Frost is located. Tours to Veliky Ustyug – this is an excellent gift not only for children, but also for adults, because it is here that the traditions of the primordial Russian recreation in winter find their harmonious combination.

 Ded Moroz's Residence

Ded Moroz's Residence

If you are traveling to Ustyug with a child, then the program travel will necessarily include a tour of the estate of the main winter wizard. Young guests are introduced to his faithful assistants, including Medved Potapovich, and after meeting everyone, a vivid presentation of gifts awaits.

For adults, this magical place can become an occasion to remember childhood, or to relax with work colleagues, having rented one of the houses for a banquet with fireworks. Other entertainment – Russian bath, animation services and excursions in Vologda and neighboring cities.

The price for a tour to Veliky Ustyug from Krasnoyarsk is different. On average, it starts from 54,000 rubles , taking into account hotel accommodation and all transportation costs within the route.

* Average prices are as of 2016.

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Topic: Where can Krasnoyarsk residents have a rest in winter?.Where can Krasnoyarsk residents have a rest in winter?

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