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In the footsteps of the Three Musketeers

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The Three Musketeers is a famous novel by Alexandre Dumas, based on which several films have already been shot. The actions of the"Three Musketeers" take place in France, in the city of Paris, in quite real places.

First, it is worth saying (and this can be seen from the foreword of the book) that Dumas wrote off his main character, D'Artagnan from a very real person, whose memoirs he found in the Royal Library. However, over time, it became known that the memoirs were also partially invented by Gatienne Krtilsde Sandra.

A memorial plaque hangs on the house at the corner of Voltaire embankment and Bac street, which says, that Charles de Butz-Castelmore D'Artagnan lived in this house.

However, the prototype still has a rather weak relation to the novel by Dumas, so it is worth completing the story about the real D'Artagnan and tell about the places where the events described by Dumas took place.

D'Artagnan and his place of residence

From the beginning of the novel, we know that D'Artagnan rented a room for himself on the Rue de Graves," corresponding to his meager funds." Rue de Graves, now Rue Servandoni, leads from Rue Vaugirard to the Church of Saint-Sulpice. Today this street is located in the center of Paris, but before it was on the outskirts of the city walls.

It is known from the novel that D'Artagnan settled in house 11, but now a new faceless five-story building is located under this number. However, the houses in the 19th century were renumbered anyway, so there is reason to suspect that the house mentioned by Dumas is house No. 16, two-story, with an attic and two separate entrances, as described in the novel.

After making a deposit for room, D'Artagnan went to the Iron Scrap Quay to attach a new blade to his sword. Today it is called the Kozhevennaya Embankment - there are no workshops left on it, but there are a lot of pet shops and shops with items for the garden and home.


Rue Servadoni

House of M. de Treville

Another important character in the novel, with whom we get acquainted after D'Artagnan - the captain of the Musketeers de Treville. Judging by the novel, he lived on Old Dovecote Street, which is located very close to Servandoni Street.

Unfortunately, today there are no mansions on this street that would be worthy of a captain of the Musketeers, but we can assume how it looked, if we look at other similar houses preserved in Paris, for example, the Sully mansion.


Old Dovecote Street

Three Duel Challenges

Chasing a stranger, with whom he had a fight on the way to Paris, D'Artagnan, as we know, appointed three duels. Just at this time, we get acquainted with three more future protagonists - the musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

Faced with Porthos, D'Artagnan ran to the rue Seine. Today, the Rue Seine stretches over the Luxembourg Palace, and earlier it ended at the intersection with Rue Bussy. By the way, this intersection is a very picturesque place. Around the corner begins the arts quarter, nearby there is Boulevard Saint-Germain, and there are also a lot of restaurants and cafes.

The next collision, with Aramis, took place opposite the house of D'Aiguillon. This family had many houses in the city, but, most likely, Dumas meant Little Luxembourg, located just near the streets described.

Nothing is known for sure about the place of the conflict between D'Artagnan and Athos. however, it can be assumed that that it happened somewhere nearby. Today, the route that D'Artagnan followed Rochefort is a very picturesque part of Paris, and you should definitely walk along it.

Failed duels

Duels of D'Artagnan with Athos, Porthos and Arais were supposed to take place at the Desho Monastery. Perhaps in the 17th century it was an"abandoned building with broken glass", but now it looks quite decent and even is a historical landmark - 114 priests were kept and executed here in 1792, which can be learned from the inscription on the memorial plaque.


Desho Monastery

House of Porthos

Porthos, like de Treville, lived on the street of Old Dovecote. The apartments here were quite luxurious, some old houses can still be seen.

House of Aramis

We know much more about Aramis's house - you can define not only the street, but also a specific place. According to the book, Aramis lived in a house between the streets of Servandoni and Cassette, was the third from the corner along Vaugirard and had number 25. Such a house really exists - however, it does not at all look like the house described by Dumas, and does not even have windows on the first floor, but at least the location is well defined.


House of Aramis

Places outside Paris

The Three Musketeers is a fairly large novel, and the action in it takes place not only in Paris. There are several other cities that played an important role in the development of the plot.


While traveling for the pendants to London in this Picardian town by the River Nonet, the Musketeers lost Porthos. And here D'Artagnan finds him on the way back, at the Grand Saint-Martin after an unsuccessful duel. By the way, in this town there was a castle of the Prince of Conde - in its forests Mousqueton, a servant of Porthos, was engaged in poaching in order to feed the owner. This castle has survived to this day and is a very interesting sight.


Castle of the Prince of Conde


In this Picardy town, friends have lost Aramis. The musketeer, after a duel with the guards in this city, fell into melancholy and began work on his dissertation in a city hotel. However, with D'Artagnan's visit, Aramis returned to worldly life, delighted by the news of his friend. It is also worth a visit to Crevqueur-le-Grand because one of the most beautiful castles in France is located here.


In this city, D'Artagnan left Athos, so that he dealt with the charge of counterfeiting coins. And it was here, on the way back to Paris, that D'Artagnan learned the history of Athos and his terrible secret from the past.

The city is famous not only for this. First, he was attacked many times, first by the Normans and then by the Germans. Secondly, Jules Verne lived and wrote his novels here - the city even has a museum named after this writer.



Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud - it is practically a part of Paris, its western suburb, located on the banks of the Seine. Saint Cloud has a rich history - it was once the site of the royal palace where King Henry III was assassinated. In the 17th century, Saint-Cloud was very popular - thanks to its proximity to the capital and a lovely atmosphere, Parisian coquettes who wanted to hide their adventures from their husbands loved to make dates here. It was in Saint-Cloud, not far from the pavilion d'Estre that still exists, that the meeting between Constance and D'Artagnan was to take place. And it was here that D'Artagnan learned that his beloved had been kidnapped.

Park Saint-Cloud


Bethune is the city where the darkest events of the“ Three musketeers". It was here, in the local monastery, that the Queen hid Constance, and here Milady poisoned her. There really was a monastery in the city, or rather, a monastery of the Carmelites, which has now been converted into a prison near the city center. This quiet town also boasts the UNESCO-protected Belfry Belfry.

La Rochelle

This city at one time played a very important role in the life of France - the army of Louis XIII besieged it during the confrontation between France and England. The city is mentioned in many historical novels, so it is not surprising that it featured in Dumas's novel.

The Musketeers, of course, took part in the siege of La Rochelle. Here many important events of the novel took place: here Milady tried to poison D'Artagnan, here she met Athos, and during the battle the Musketeers had breakfast in the Bastion of Saint-Gervais. By the way, it was during the siege that D'Artagnan finally became a musketeer, and then a lieutenant of the musketeers.


La Rochelle

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Topic: In the footsteps of the Three Musketeers.In the footsteps of the Three Musketeers

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