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Holidays in May on the beach and beyond

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Where to go in May a reasonable question for those who have broken free from their daily work routine to find themselves on the sunny seaside of a tropical country, strolling along the streets of ancient cities, or bargaining with a stubborn seller in an oriental bazaar. But, in order to choose exactly where to fly in May, you need to know what variety of overseas (and not only) countries Russian travel agencies have prepared for travelers.

The VipGeo portal will help you make the right choice and organize your best vacation in May .

  • Vietnam
  • UAE
  • Jordan
  • Greece
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Hainan
  • Crimea


Most Russians have long known where to go to the sea in May to be warm, inexpensive, and not have to apply for a visa. Combines these conditions Vietnam a country where our compatriots are welcome at any time of the year, where quality beach holidays are combined with shopping and sightseeing routes, and cultural programs have no analogues in the world.

The only nuance weather conditions that do not allow choosing southern resorts as a vacation destination. Everything south of Phan Thiet and Mui Ne is in the tropical rainy season by May, but at the same time in Nha Trang it is still sunny and dry, and the air warms up daily to + 30 ° C in the shade. Phu Quoc Island, although it did not begin to be flooded with monsoon rains every day, but the May waves off the coast make swimming unsafe.

As for cultural programs, here the best option would be Ho Chi Minh City, where the birthday of the leader of the Vietnamese revolution is celebrated on May 19. followed by the Fruit Festival, which will end only in August. In fact, it is a large-scale fair where local farmers sell exotic fruits at prices that are considered ridiculous even by Vietnamese standards.
Imagebr />Fruit Festival

You can organize a beach holiday on the Vietnamese coast in May for 28,000 rubles per person or more. This money includes a direct flight from the nearest Russian airport, accommodation in a comfortable hotel on the first line of the beach, as well as breakfast in the room, or in a buffet format. For everything else, you will have to pay extra from above.


The list of countries where the sea is warm in May will definitely include the United Arab Emirates. For a Russian tourist UAE a symbol of oriental luxury, impeccable service, the world's tallest skyscrapers and endless avenues with brand boutiques of world fashion houses. With all this, the Muslim way of life lays a serious imprint on the local culture, leaving strict customs, iron discipline and security in the country.

May in the Emirates is considered the last month of winter, when the average daily temperature does not exceed + 38 ° C in the shade. The hot air of the Arabian deserts has not yet arrived, but the heat is already increasing every day, which will reach its peak by July. The end of spring can be considered a time when Europeans swim and sunbathe, not afraid to catch a heatstroke, and the indigenous Arabs slowly pack their things so that they can go somewhere before autumn.

Regardless of the city that you choose, it will be everywhere , things to do. Dubai and Abu Dhabi compete in the number of comfortable beaches at luxury hotels, water parks and berths with snow-white yachts and shops on the central streets. Holidays in Sharjah and other conservative regions are quieter there are more mosques, almost no nightclubs, and the punishment for appearing in public drunk is stricter.

Rest in May 2018 in the UAE will cost a tourist from 50,000 rubles for two, taking into account departure from Moscow, breakfast in the room and accommodation in a modest chain hotel up to 3 stars far from the beaches. For comfort from 4 stars and above, you need to pay at least 65,000 rubles, while the management of the hotel reserves the conditions for catering.


Experts in geography and those interested in the Middle East know where to swim in May without fear for health, and no, this is not Israel, but neighboring Jordan. To rest in the kingdom, you will have to apply for a visa, but bureaucratic difficulties will pay off with a good attitude towards tourists, the absence of military tension and great opportunities for both beach entertainment and sightseeing trips.

Spring The best time to travel to Jordan is when the winter subtropical rains have stopped and the summer heat has not yet arrived. In May, the average thermometer in seaside resorts will be + 25 … 28 оС, in desert areas up to +31 оС. The water temperature, both in the Dead Sea and in the Red Sea, is suitable for safe swimming, thalassotherapy treatment and outdoor activities,

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Topic: Holidays in May on the beach and beyond.Holidays in May on the beach and beyond

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