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Hockey Hall of Fame Canada

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Image The Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame Building

Canada is one of the world's greatest hockey powers, and Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton and Vancouver are its main hockey cities. As a sport, hockey appeared in Canada. Canadians began to play hockey both on the field and on the ice. At first, hockey could only be played in winter, when ponds and lakes were frozen and covered with ice. Currently, hockey is played all year round.

Toronto is home to the famous Hockey Hall of Fame, which is dedicated to the history and development of ice hockey, not only Canadian, but also world. Every year a committee which includes 18 people, decides at a special meeting who will be included in the Hall of Fame. These can be hockey players, referees, or people associated with hockey. The International Hockey Hall of Fame opened in 1943. The idea for its creation belonged to Captain James Thomas Sutherland, a native of Kingston, who once served as president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. He began his work on creating the hall back in 1941, having gathered a team of like-minded people who studied the history of hockey. True, he dreamed that the hall would be opened in his native Kingston.

Image Stanley Cup

The official date for the creation of the Hall of Fame is September 10, 1943, following the signing of the opening agreement. At first, its mission was to celebrate the NHL's greatest players and specialists. Almost immediately it became clear that it was necessary to build a separate building for the hall, but they were able to raise funds only by 1960, when the main inspirer had already passed away. The first permanent exhibition opened in 1961, and in 1993 the Hockey Hall of Fame moved to a new building, which became his permanent residence. The Hall currently consists of 15 exhibition halls. Over 300 thousand people visit it annually. Walking through all the exhibition halls, you can trace the history of hockey, its equipment, get acquainted with the biographies of famous personalities associated with hockey, see numerous awards and much more.

Image Statues of hockey players

There is a small cinema inside the building where you can watch the famous film" The Stanley Cup Odyssey". This film can be considered as an excellent tutorial on the game of hockey. Here you can see the impressive moments that have left their mark on the history of this sport.

The exposition of the Great Hall consists of portraits and biographies of the most famous hockey players over a century of professional hockey history. In the center of the hall are trophies, awards, prizes and relics of the National Hockey League. It is here that the main trophy is located - the Stanley Cup. It was created in 1892, and now he was placed in a separate room in front of the Great Hall, where anyone can take a photo next to him.

Image Hockey team uniforms

There are many stands in the exhibition halls that tell about hockey equipment, its history and improvement. Here are the first handmade hockey sticks and skates. You can see the equipment, skates and clubs of famous players. The goalkeeper mask has been awarded a separate hall, where you can see exhibits from the very first masks to ultra-modern painted samples. On numerous stands there are many photographs, drawings depicting moments of the game of hockey. There is also an exposition in the Hall, dedicated to Russian players, you can see the uniform with the CSKA emblem.

There is a small ice rink in the Hall where visitors can play hockey themselves. Few people will refuse to play as a striker or goalkeeper in an interactive hockey match with virtual opponents such as Gretzky and Messier.

Image Exposition of hockey souvenirs and fan attributes

The International Hockey Hall of Fame delights even those who are not a fan of hockey, it is like a temple honoring the players who made the sport famous. If you are in Toronto,

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