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Tax Free shopping in Italy

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General information

Tax-Free is a system of return of a certain percentage from purchases made abroad, now known all over the world. This percentage is VAT, and in Italy it is 22%. But, before you rejoice, you should learn about some of the nuances and conditions of this refund, which, by the way, can be very strict.



The first thing to remember is counting on Tax-Free in Italy - this is the fact that not all shops work with this system. Everything is explained by elementary benefits - not every store owner agrees to give part of the profit back to the buyer, even if it attracts many more tourists to his store. Information about Tax-free is most often available right at the entrance to the store, or at the checkout.

The second important point will be the minimum purchase amount for a Tax-Free refund. In Italy, this amount is 154 euros per each store. Even if the purchase amount is less than a few euro cents, the refund automatically becomes impossible.

Also, with each purchase, you must have a passport with you to fill out a special form tax -free. It is issued immediately in the store, but you can fill it out at a convenient time for you. One has only to remember that the validity of the form with the check is 3 months,

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Topic: Tax Free shopping in Italy.Tax Free shopping in Italy

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