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How to bargain in Egypt?

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In Egypt traded everywhere, with the exception of mosques and some shops where the price tags the price for the item is indicated.

If the price tag no, then you can bargain, and even need to. Through bidding, you can not only save money, but also take part in the performance. The Egyptians have a very developed feeling humor, and they get real pleasure from various pranks and gags.

If bidding viewed from the point of view to take part in the performance, then the impression you get no worse than pyramids, diving and camel riding.

But unlike from animation in this performance you will play one of the main roles, why well prepare.

Egyptian pounds

Currency selection

Dollars in Egypt is accepted everywhere, but if you want to save on shopping by bidding, then it is advisable to exchange euros and dollars for local currency. 1 US dollar equalizes 5-6 Egyptian pounds.

Making shopping in a store, or in the market, keep an eye on the money, as sellers are very often confused with 50 Egyptian pounds and 50 Egyptian pounds piastres, the difference between which is 10 dollars.

How to bargain in Egypt: pretending to be experienced

In bazaars and markets you will not see price tags, so if you liked the product, then no sense to look for cheaper. All the stalls in Egypt are only run by newbies which are taught local tradition by sellers, selling them goods at inflated cost.Image
Egyptian market

To avoid be deceived, pretend that you often rest here and very well know the city. Greet the salesperson like an old friend and tell them that the product that you bought from him last time, everyone really liked Russia.

First the turn to play the role of an experienced tourist will come in handy if you have just have arrived and have not yet had time to sunbathe.

How to bargain in Egypt: choosing product

Reduce price every seller can trade, but only correct trading allows you to reduce the cost of the product several times.

By the rules you should start bargaining with the fact that you must make the seller understand how you liked the product a lot. If you comment negatively on a product and say, that it is not worth the money, then you can not count on a discount. Egyptian people are very responsive, but only with a respectful attitude towards the seller and his goods.

Before purchase carefully from all sides, inspect the product you have selected. If you do not come alone, then discuss all its merits. In general, you have to make it clear the seller that you understand this product, and that you only need it. After which we proceed to the next stage of bargaining.

How to bargain in Egypt: finding out price

Never name the cost, even if your friend has just purchased the same product. To get an acceptable cost for the product, you need to bargain on their rules. In no case dictate your terms to the seller and do not apply blow to pride. Therefore, first of all, we pretend that the goods are very I liked it, and only after that we ask for its cost. Consider the seller should be the first to name its cost. And after that we start the performance.Image
Egyptian market

How to bargain in Egypt: getting started performance

Seller neither when he does not name the cost that will not be beneficial to him, it will be in exceed the real one several times.

Purpose performance is to act out the horror of such an inflated cost, even if you don't think so. Then leave with a sad expression, but when this also do not ask to sell the product for the price for which you want it purchase.

Seller I must stop you myself and ask how much you would like to purchase it product. Not a single performance is complete without such a script. If you've done everything right, the seller will not let you leave without a purchase.

Everything the action taking place can be compared to the reflex of a fisherman, seeing that the float went under water, and pulling the rod is simply unforgivable.Image

How bargaining in Egypt: a family scene with a spender wife and a miser husband

Best of all bargaining in Egypt together - it can be friends, girlfriends or married couple.

Plan scenario: everyone liked the product, but one thinks that this product is worth much cheaper, and the other is willing to pay that cost. The person who believes the product is expensive, trying in every possible way to dissuade his friend from buying it. Comrade it should not be silent, but it should not come to the fore either.

The most an effective way is to portray a married couple. The scenario is this: wife - a spender, and my husband is a miser. The wife begs for money from her husband for a purchase, but the husband does not gives. In this case, any partner can play a leading role or play it on equal.Image

How to bargain in Egypt: more artistry

For Egyptian sellers are concerned with the bidding process. For this, he is ready to reduce the cost of your product, while losing in profit, despite the fact that the original cost is much overpriced, and he will still lower it. But about it only experienced tourists know, and trade cannot do without beginners buy the product they like at the original price. Seller anyway remains a winner: he makes a very good profit from beginners, and from beautiful trades - a lot of fun.

Luck is not will turn away from you if you trade kindly and gently, but persistently, slowly deviating from the named value.

None successful bargaining is not complete without ingenuity and artistry.

For example, starting cost ? 100. After playing a scene depicting your shock from the above amount and your leaving the seller of you stops and asks your price. You should answer softly, something like 20.

Now we pass to the main intrigue of this performance - the buyer must explain why the seller should reduce the price so much. But acting out the play, not replay with tragedy. The tragedy should be soft and benevolent, and neither no way without hysterical anguish. You can make up various stories about how you love this city and everything like that.

How many can you save on buying this way? mostly the cost decreases from the initial amount is from 2 to 3 times, but according to the assertions of experienced people it reaches 4 times, or even more.

Personal experience shows that you can reduce the cost only by some trinket, for example, a souvenir, and then in the event that a large cost. If we talk about more serious things, then the best discount from $ 67 up to $ 45, despite the fact that everything was done according to the instructions and advice of experienced tourists.Image

How to bargain in Egypt: the final performance

No matter how you imbued with sympathy for each other, do not lose your guard. This is not the end performance - it is just nearing the end. Here you can expect two not pleasant surprises: shortcuts or if the buyer is a woman, then almost every male seller will try to shake her hand or touch her to a woman. According to Egyptian law, this means that he wants a relationship with you. If you reciprocate, it means that you accept it. courtship, regardless of your husband's standing next to you. So answer the seller should only shake hands with a man, but not a woman. Woman in response I just have to wave my hand.

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