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7 Eleven Thailand

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Pattaya – this is a fairly popular Thai resort. There are many retail outlets selling souvenirs, gifts, groceries and other goods. However, tourists and locals alike prefer to shop at the popular 7-Eleven chain.


  7 Eleven

In general, there are stores of this chain in other cities of Thailand, but in Pattaya there are much more of them – they are found on every street, and sometimes more often.

Of course, their popularity has its own reasons. Firstly, in 7-Eleven stores you can find almost any product: from food and medicine to souvenirs and appliances. Also in these stores you can pay for cellular communication and other services, making them even more convenient.


7-Eleven itself is one of the world's oldest supermarket chains. It was founded in the USA, in 1927, the birthplace of the first store was Dallas, Texas. The unusual name appeared due to the unprecedented working schedule of the store – from 7 am to 11 pm


7 Eleven

The expansion of the network, even by the standards of the United States of those years, was slow, only by the 1950s the chain managed to break through the borders of Texas, having already one hundred stores throughout the state. By the 1960s, the 7-Eleven chain had become a national brand in the United States.

In Asia, the first 7-Eleven store opened in 1980, in Japan. This move saved the company from bankruptcy. And in the Asian region has provided thousands of jobs. Just a few years later, the first store of the chain opened in Thailand.

Today in the Kingdom of Thailand there are more than 5,000 7-Eleven stores, 1,500 supermarkets are located in Bangkok, and in second place is – Pattaya.

What to buy at 7-Eleven in Thailand

The first most important product to buy in Thailand – it is drinking water. In 7-Eleven supermarkets, it is sold in bottles ranging from 250 ml to 5 liters. What container to take – the right of every tourist, but it is worth stocking up for the entire duration of the vacation, leaving water in the hotel room.

Important: It is not worth sparing money on water in Thailand. In supermarkets, a liter of drinking water costs 7 baht, it's better to buy in large containers, since tap water is completely unsuitable for drinking. It is highly advisable to use only bottled water for brushing your teeth.



The second most important product for a tourist in 7-Eleven – these are sim cards. Buy a local SIM card here – means saving a few baht, since the retailer has an agreement with all Thai mobile operators on fixed prices.

In addition to groceries, it is best to buy small household items in 7-Eleven network – shampoos, wipes, combs and other things that might have been forgotten at home. Here you can find the necessary adapters for electrical appliances. Prices for everything – lower than in other stores.

Nice bonus of the 7-Eleven chain – all packages for goods are given at the checkout for free in unlimited quantities.

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