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Bournemouth Aquarium in the UK, Bournemouth Resort

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ImageBournemouth Aquarium is an oceanarium in the British resort town of Bournemouth. Visitors to the aquarium can get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of the seas around the world. The Bournemouth Oceanarium is unique in that it was the first to install an interactive"diving cage", which allows you to take a virtual sea voyage and watch a shark, ray or dolphin. At the end of this journey, the"cage" is swallowed by a virtual blue whale, so tourists can see its digestive system from the inside. In general, the aquarium is divided into several sections."Amazon" shows visitors the life and inhabitants of the world's largest river - the Amazon."Ganges" tells about the life of the river of the same name. A special section has been created introducing the life of the marine life of the African continent. The Great Barrier Reef Aquarium is one of the most attractive. The brightest and most beautiful fish from the tropics live here. The aquarium with deep-sea fish is of constant interest among tourists. The Bournemouth Aquarium recently opened an aquarium that quickly became popular with visitors. This is the Otter Oasis, home to a pair of clawless otters, the smallest otters in the world. These are practically the only mammals in the aquarium, but adults and children visit this aquarium with great pleasure, watching the games of these funny animals. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Bournemouth Aquarium in the UK, Bournemouth Resort.Bournemouth Aquarium in the UK, Bournemouth Resort

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