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Things to do in Frankfurt

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Many travel guides to Germany Frankfurt am Main, called by ordinary Germans as Frankfurt, is often bypassed and quite undeservedly. In this city with a population of no more than 600 thousand people, a number of festivals are held every year, which have record attendance rates in the country - more than 3 million people a year. The rest of the leisure opportunities in Frankfurt can be accommodated in a compact list of must-haves.

Visit the Museum Embankment

The cult festival in certain circles Museum Embankment is one of the grandiose excursion events not only in Germany, but also throughout Western Europe. The name of the festival refers to the tradition of its creation, since now not all museums that are included in the mandatory program of visits are located on the embankment. In total, the minimum program of visits includes 13 museums, the number can be increased. The Cinema Museum remains one of the most visited places of the festival for many years.


Museum Embankment

See the business center of the city

Contrasts of modern Frankfurt are impossible without visiting business districts of the city ... It was here that the financial house of the Rothschilds and other richest families in the world was born, which have German roots. Modern skyscrapers, built as offices by major corporations, remain tourist attractions throughout the year. Excursion groups can safely go to the elevators and, paying a symbolic amount of 5 euros, go up to the observation decks to see the city from a bird's eye view.

Visit the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

Frankfurt Cathedral of St. Bartholomew is the place where the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned for several centuries. In the pre-Christian era, a Roman temple stood on this site, and from the early Middle Ages - already various Catholic structures. It is especially pleasant to visit this place with an excursion in sunny weather - huge stained-glass windows create bright rooms thanks to natural light, where you can stay without the included electricity. For Christian holidays, the Cathedral gathers full halls of parishioners.


St. Bartholomew's Cathedral

Find out what Romer is

Literally, Romer, translated from German, means“ Roman ”. What does this name have to do with the Old Town Hall of Frankfurt, which the inhabitants of the city just call it, is still a big mystery. Construction of this building began in the 1450s, which makes it possible to speak of it as an example of the late Gothic style in local architecture. Since the 17th century, the Town Hall has expanded, and now Romer means a whole complex of adjacent buildings that have the status of architectural monuments of federal significance.

Take a picture of Eschenheim

The fairytale Eschenheim Tower is one of the wonders of modern Frankfurt , preserved from the 15th century. Once the city was protected by a massive wall, at the corners of which defensive and observation towers were built, Eschenheim is the only tower left after numerous wars and city reconstructions. The unique appearance of the tower, reminiscent of an illustration from a book of fairy tales, attracts thousands of tourists. Now inside Eschenheim there is a themed restaurant and bar where you can climb to the very top of this colorful building.



Boulevard Zeil

Visit the Opera

Opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II himself in 1880 Frankfurt Opera became one of the most prestigious concert halls in Germany, but it lasted 60 years. World War II and fierce fighting for Frankfurt destroyed many buildings in the city, Opera was one of them. Until the 1960s, no attempt was made to restore the beautiful building - renovation projects were too expensive. In the period from 1960 to 1970, several statements were made about the demolition of the Opera, but by 1981 it was still restored. Now it is a modern concert hall.

Buy a ticket for a street performance

Not far from Bartholomew's Cathedral there is another attraction of Frankfurt - Archaeological Garden. These ancient ruins serve as a stage every summer for medieval plays that should attract tourists, and they do well.

Throw a coin into the fountain

Frankfurt is certainly not Rome , but there are enough of their own fountains. One of the most popular places in the city is the Fountain of Justice, created in the 17th century. The central sculpture of the fountain is the goddess Justicia, but it is distinguished by her absence of a blindfold on her eyes. There are traditional scales and a sword at the monument.


Fountain of Justice

Taste local dishes

Frankfurt's cuisine is generally not much different from other German cities, but, as is often the case in Europe, it has its own characteristics. Many tourists advise to appreciate the special charm of local restaurants around Christmas, when betmenchens become specialties and Frankfurt gingerbread - traditional marzipan sweets. The main festive drink is considered to be apple wine.

Rate the nightclubs

DJs in Frankfurt have more than once stated that this is where the dance music trend was born, such as trans. This claim is controversial, but local clubs are considered to be some of the best not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

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