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Grand Bazar description and photos - Turkey: Istanbul

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Grand Bazar description and photos - Turkey: Istanbul

Grand Bazar description and photos - Turkey: Istanbul. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Grand Bazar.

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The 15th century Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest covered markets in the world. The bazaar is located east of Istanbul University, in the Beyazit area. In ancient times, there were shops here that gave their proceeds to the St. Sophia Cathedral. During the Ottoman period, the Sultan ordered the construction of a Covered Market on the site of the shops. The market is believed to have been founded in 1461. More precisely, in 1461 the Internal Market was built, located inside the Covered Market. But its outer part - Sandal-Bedesten - was built later. During its existence, the market has expanded, and today it looks like a small city covered with a common roof. The huge bazaar-labyrinth occupies an area of 30,700 square meters.

The Grand Bazaar is a huge complex with 2,600 shops, 65 streets, 22 gates, 24 private hotels and market squares, 2 covered markets, restaurants, mosques, fountains and eateries. There are more than 500 shops selling gold products. The owners of these shops pay a monthly rent of $ 5-8, which makes the trading tactics in the bazaar rather aggressive.

The shops selling jewelry, carpets, ceramics and spices are very popular. ... Many counters are grouped according to the type of product sold, i.e. separate areas for trade in leather clothing, jewelry, etc. are allocated.

There are several gates to enter the Grand Bazaar, the Nurosmane Gate is considered the most spectacular. They are made in the form of an arch in the Moorish style. The arch is decorated with a marble fountain, which was created in memory of the fire that took place in 1954, which destroyed a third of the market. Nearby is the Nurosmaniye Mosque, the first Turkish baroque building.

The main street of the Grand Bazaar is Kolpachnikov Street. It is on this sparkling street that shoppers love to stay. There are shops selling jewelry made of silver and gold. If you turn right and walk further to the Old Bazaar, you can see an extraordinary collection of copper, gold, and antiquities.

The goods are stored in two domed stone buildings located on the territory of the Grand Bazaar. Mehmed II ordered to build one of the buildings in 1464. The Grand Bazaar was damaged during an earthquake in 1894. After the earthquake, restoration work was carried out.

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