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Manavgat waterfall description and photos - Turkey: Side

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Manavgat waterfall description and photos - Turkey: Side

Manavgat waterfall description and photos - Turkey: Side. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Manavgat waterfall.

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The city of Manavgat is located on both sides of the Manavgat River in the valley of the same name. The Manavgat River originates on the western slopes of the Taurus Mountains, and then, flowing along the mountain slopes, flows into the reservoirs - Manavgat Barazh and Oymapynar. A few kilometers above the city, several waterfalls naturally formed on the river. The river then flows through the entire city, then enters the coastal valley and finally flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The waters of Manavgat are deep and clear, they are filled with underground springs in the mountain canyons through which the river passes. Therefore, even in summer, the water in the river is cold.

The Manavgat River divides the city area into two parts. The waterfall and river delta are the most significant natural treasures of this place. Besides, irresistible in its beauty is the artificial reservoir Oymapinar, enclosed by huge rocks, and the area surrounding it in the south of the region, in the valley between the Torossae, where the Manavgat River flows. The plain covers an area of 2,500 square kilometers and is the most productive in Antalya. Mainly cotton is grown there, as well as barley, rye, wheat and 45 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Along with this, greenhouse flowers have been cultivated here in recent years. The entire eastern part of the plain is occupied by banana plantations.

The name Manavgat comes from the word Manauva (which means in the ancient language Luwi "temple of the goddess"). In various periods of history, the city was used as a common holy place for Seleuekia and Side. In antiquity, the area was not inhabited, for the first time the traveler Evliya elebi, who stayed near today's village of Guneidogu in the Sarisu district informs us in his travel notes about tiger hunting. After the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, Turkmen nomads made their way in large groups through the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean coast and finally settled here. The Turkmens occupied the western side of the Manavgat Tidayogullar River, while Senir Bey settled on the eastern side. The place of the settlement took the form of an estate, which developed over time, the population increased, and in 1913, here, near Manavgat, a district town with the same name was founded.

The most beautiful Manavgat waterfall is the main and most visited place the Manavgat River - one of the symbols of the country. Its streams, falling from a height, present a picturesque picture for tourists. The waterfall was visited by about one million tourists in 2010.

The waterfall rises at the level of five meters. He is no taller than Duden, however, no less famous in Turkey. Images of this waterfall can be found on paper Turkish banknotes of the mid-twentieth century.

This wide waterfall, about forty meters wide, is a truly unique sight. The murmur of its water fills the soul with confidence and peace, and the cheerful splashes that are scattered throughout the valley bring a feeling of joy and freshness. This cool yet sunny paradise is home to a wide range of fish restaurants, souvenir stalls, lounges and cafeterias. The entrance to the territory is paid. However, despite this, there are always a lot of people here.

Sitting in a restaurant under the shady trees, you can enjoy the freshness of the waterfall and taste the trout. It is a real pleasure to dine in such a restaurant. In this regard, the Turks are generally great. Aesthetics while eating is of great importance to them. It is not for nothing that many Turkish restaurants are positioned in such a way that a beautiful view opens up from the restaurant. Restaurants in Antalya overlooking the harbor immediately come to mind. People take a break from the heat in the shade of trees, listen to the sound of the murmuring water and enjoy the view of the waterfall.

The Turks themselves love to visit Manavgat, therefore, unlike other tourist places, there are classic teahouses here. And the Turks know where to taste the best dishes from the main product of local restaurants - trout. There are quite a lot of trout in these places. Fish are caught right here, in the purest fresh waters of the river.

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