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Pigeon Island description and photos - Turkey: Kusadasi

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Pigeon Island description and photos - Turkey: Kusadasi

Pigeon Island description and photos - Turkey: Kusadasi. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Pigeon Island.

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Bird Island is a symbol of the Turkish resort of Kusadasi. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday and contemplation of the picturesque nature. Here you can explore the ruins of the Genoese fortress, visit a museum, relax in one of the local restaurants and enjoy the view of snow-white yachts gliding along the waves of the city bay.

The island got its name because of the large number of birds that arrived here during seasonal migrations. They completely covered the island with fluff, arranging here incessant hectic bird markets. There is still a large dovecote in the center of the island. In the Ottoman period, the name of Kusadasi passed to the city, and the island received a new name - Guverjin, which means Pigeon.

Bird Island has always played a very important strategic role in the life of the city. He guarded the shores of the city and prevented enemy attacks from the sea. From time immemorial, there was a seaport on the island, which even now accepts even large ships.

The majestic and powerful fortress located on the island for many years defended this area from pirates, its threatening loopholes, by their very appearance, thrilled strangers. This fortress was built by the Genoese together with the Venetians in the 16th century. The thick walls and huge towers of the castle allowed it to serve as a reliable defensive structure for the city and the nearest fishing villages for many centuries. But one day the fortress fell into the hands of the pirates themselves. They occupied the island as their residence and stored the looted valuables here. Slaves and slaves, weapons, goods - all this was safely hidden behind the fortress walls. For a long time, the great and terrible pirate Khair ad Din robbed and sunk local ships, captured sailors and sold them as slaves in the Istanbul slave markets. He was a thunderstorm of the seas and the city authorities for a long time could not resist him. Then the fortress was named "Pirate Castle". Later, when the authorities managed to restore order in the region, the fortress again began to defend the city. From its highest tower, observations were made of the surroundings in order to take timely measures to protect the population.

Over time, the situation in the region became calmer and the need for a protective fortress disappeared. She began to gradually collapse. However, its interesting history and picturesque surroundings became interesting for tourists. Thanks to this, the castle has now been restored, and its central part has become a museum. The fortress also houses a cozy cafe, good restaurant where you can taste fresh seafood and disco. And the building is surrounded by a beautiful flower greenhouse. Anyone can take a fascinating excursion tour to Guvergin and relax under the arches of a beautiful castle. Here you can enjoy not only the sea breeze, but also breathe in the scent of the glorious and romantic past of the island, which is especially attractive in the light of the evening floodlights.

Pigeon Island is connected to the center of Kusadasi by a long dam and embankment road and is removed from the coast by 350 meters. The island's beach is ideal for diving enthusiasts looking to fully enjoy the deep clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Visibility in the water near Pigeon Island is at least 15 m, so when diving here you can see barracuda, octopuses, mustachioed lobsters, parrot fish and starfish. And the local colorful coral gardens, which were not touched by either the tsunami or people, delight even experienced divers.

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