Museum of Local Lore (Panevezio krastotyros muziejus) description and photo - Lithuania: Panevezys (Topic)

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Museum of Local Lore (Panevezio krastotyros muziejus) description and photo - Lithuania: Panevezys

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Museum of Local Lore (Panevezio krastotyros muziejus) description and photos - Lithuania: Panevezys

Local history museum (Panevezio krastotyros muziejus) description and photos - Lithuania: Panevezys. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Panevezio krastotyros muziejus.

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The local history museum in Panevezys was founded in 1925 by the teachers of the forestry college. Previously it was called the Panevezys Museum. The museum has a collection that includes archaeological finds, as well as numerous exhibits on nature, history, medicine, art of the Far East and folk art.

The main collections of the museum include: archaeological, banknote collection, numismatic, book and ethnographic collection. In addition, there are collections of negatives and photographs, documents, periodicals, philately, audio and video recordings, sports exhibits and folklore. Basically, there are permanent exhibitions devoted to the history of the region from the beginning of ancient times to the present day. Exhibitions help to learn more about archeology, ethnography, history, flora and fauna of these places. Permanent exhibitions in the museum are the best collections.

The City Museum of Local Lore has several branches: the memorial apartment-museum of Gabriele Pyatkevichaite, the Smilgiai ethnographic estate, the Museum of Resistance to Soviet Occupation and the old building of Panevezys.

Smilgiai Ethnographic Manor was founded in 1979. The manor is a 19th century house with typical authentic buildings such as living quarters, barn, stable, smithy, barn, prayer room and sauna. The ethnographic manor introduces the typical peasant life, its crafts and professions. The largest number is represented by blacksmith and agricultural tools and implements.

The Museum of Resistance to Soviet Occupation was opened in 2004. The museum exhibition reflects the resistance in the Panevezys region to the Soviet occupation from 1940 to 1990. In addition, the museum perfectly reflects the activities of the then famous movement "Saudis", fighting for the independence of Lithuania. The most popular themes of museum exhibits are: the first occupation during the Soviet era, guerrilla warfare, exile, emigrants, political prisoners and unarmed oppositions. There is a very interesting exposition dedicated to the interior of houses and prisons, where prisoners and exiles served their time. Not only photographs are presented, but also memorial things.

The old building of Panevezys is another branch of the local history museum in this city. The very first exposition was opened in the oldest house in the city on January 18, 1925. Exhibitions of folk art were also opened here, which began their work in 1972.

The oldest building is the house where the archives of the local court were kept, which was built in 1614 by Jeronimas Valavicius. This building was built of stone and had iron doors and iron bars on the windows in order to ensure maximum security. This is the oldest archive building located in Lithuania. After a while, it began to have other functions and was used for a variety of purposes.

The Juozas Zikaras Memorial Museum was opened in 1972 in the home of the famous sculptor Juozas Zikaras. Juozas Zikaras was not only a famous sculptor, but also a Lithuanian professor and head of the art school in Kaunas. Zikaras also worked as a teacher at the Institute of Arts. The collection of the museum represents the entire creative heritage of the sculptor. Juozas Zikaras created a huge number of famous and very expensive works, for example, the "Liberty" statue, which is located in Kaunas. It also contains the works of the great artist: drawings, sketches, originals and models of sculptures, documents and photographs. This famous person created a bas-relief of Vytautas the Great and other famous personalities.

The memorial apartment-museum of Gabriele Pyatkevichaite-Bite was created in 1999 in the apartment of a famous writer who lived here from 1932 to 1943. The exposition presents the writer's personal belongings: part of the library, furniture, photographs and documents. Gabriele Pyatkevichaite-Bite was a famous writer, literary critic, educator, publicist and historian who glorified the style of realism. She is the author of the famous novel "Ad Astra".

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Topic: Museum of Local Lore (Panevezio krastotyros muziejus) description and photo - Lithuania: Panevezys.Museum of Local Lore (Panevezio krastotyros muziejus) description and photo - Lithuania: Panevezys

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