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Museum ”Jews of Brest” description and photos - Belarus: Brest

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Museum "Jews of Brest" description and photos - Belarus: Brest. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Museum "Jews of Brest" was opened on March 25, 2011 in Brest at the initiative of the Jewish public organization "Birsk". The collection of exhibits for the museum began in 2009. The main exposition of the museum tells about the life of the Jewish community in Brest in the 20th century, starting from 1920.

In the 16th century, Brest was called the Jewish capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the 1860s, there were only 8,829 people in Brest-Litovsk, of which 7,510 were Jews. On the eve of 1941, more than half of 51 thousand people in Brest were Jews.

During the Great Patriotic War, the notorious Brest ghetto was organized in Brest, almost all of whose prisoners were destroyed during the Holocaust. Museum exposition dedicated to the Holocaust, tells about the tragic pages of the history of the Brest ghetto.

At the time of the opening of the museum, four sections were presented - a total of 120 exhibits. These are interesting historical documents, photographs, ancient prayer books and books, fragments of the Torah, household items, vessels for incense, fragments of decor for the ancient Torah.

A separate section of the exposition is dedicated to famous Jews, natives of Brest. The materials helped to collect not only the Brest members of the Jewish community, but also foreign Jewish communities.

The young museum plans to hold exhibitions, contests, excursions and other interesting events within its walls, and also continues to collect interesting museum exhibits related to the life of Brest Jews. The museum plans to conduct a wide educational work among young people.

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Topic: Museum ”Jews of Brest” description and photos - Belarus: Brest.Museum ”Jews of Brest” description and photos - Belarus: Brest

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