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Dolphinarium Nemo description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev

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Dolphinarium " Nemo

Dolphinarium "Nemo" description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Kiev Dolphinarium "Nemo" is the third branch of the Odessa Dolphinarium. This is a whole aqua complex, equipped with health-improving elements. The depth of the pool is 4.5 meters, and its diameter is 20 meters.

The dolphinarium is year-round, therefore communication with dolphins, swimming and swimming is carried out in the pool regardless of the season. Special programs are organized during which you can not only be in the pool next to the dolphins, but also test yourself in the difficult role of a coach. The possibility of individual bathing is also provided. After a short briefing, you will have the opportunity to go down into the water to the dolphins who will play with you, roll you on your stomach, dance a waltz with you in the same way as they do with trainers at shows. Friends and loved ones can film and take pictures of you.

Another exotic entertainment is diving with dolphins, during which you will dive under the water with an experienced instructor. Diving instructors will select the best set of equipment for scuba diving for you, then give the appropriate instructions, and you can spend an unforgettable half hour talking with dolphins. After the show, you will have a unique chance to take a photo with the dolphins Skipper, Casper, Boatswain and Flipper.

Dolphinarium "Nemo" is not only a home and comfortable home for everyone's beloved sea animals, but at the same time is a cultural and educational center where everyone has the opportunity to join the mystery of the life of the smartest and most mysterious animals - dolphins.

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Topic: Dolphinarium Nemo description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev.Dolphinarium Nemo description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev

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