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Dolphinarium in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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Dolphinarium in the city of Varna is today one of the most popular places for recreation, both for tourists and for citizens. This building is not fake interest not only due to the views given in it, but also the architecture.

The Dolphinarium was opened in 1984. The building was designed by the architect Simeon Saraliev. The construction of the Dolphinarium took only seven months.

The Dolphinarium building is a light spatial structure made in the form of a glass cube. In the central part of the Dolphinarium there is the main pool, where shows of trained dolphins are shown. The diameter of the pool is 12 meters, and its depth is – 6 meters. In addition to the main pool, there is also a small pool, which reaches a depth of three meters.

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Topic: Dolphinarium in Bulgaria, Varna resort.Dolphinarium in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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