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Constitution Square description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov

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Constitution Square description and photos - Ukraine: Kharkiv

Constitution Square description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Kharkiv Constitution Square is one of the central and oldest squares in the city. The date of its foundation is 1659, at the same time the Kharkov fortress was founded. Since then, the square has had different names. At first, it was called the Fair Square, since every year the Assumption Fair, the largest in the country, was held here. Later, when they began to build up the square with stone buildings, there was a Nikolaevskaya church on it, according to which the square was called Nikolaevskaya. When the Soviets came to power, the square was named in honor of the fighter for Soviet power, M.S.Tevelev, a member of an underground organization in Kharkov. So it was called until 1975. Further it was called the Square of Soviet Ukraine, and since 1996 it has been given its present name - Constitution Square.

With the appearance of the square, when there were no buildings on it, in winter, it was a favorite place for sledding. But in the 19th century. the area began to be built up with the first stone houses. The first was the building of the Noble Assembly and the police station (unfortunately, they have not survived to this day). Bank buildings were built opposite, where the Central Savings Bank, the Puppet Theater, the House of Technology, and a motor transport college are now located. Then the building of the Metropol hotel was built and a residential building, where the Palace of Labor is now located. There are two more bank buildings, now one of them houses the Faculty of the Pedagogical Institute, and the other houses the regional branch of the Knowledge Society. Next - the House of Mutual Loan, now the restaurant `` Central ''.

As already mentioned, there was also the Church of St. Nicholas (Nikola) on the square, but when the tramway was laid, the church was demolished. Today there are two metro stations "Historical Museum" and "Soviet" under the square.

Buildings were badly damaged also during the Second World War. Many of them were destroyed, but after its completion, the forces of the Kharkovites managed to restore them.

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Topic: Constitution Square description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov.Constitution Square description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov

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