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Winery ”Chateau-Taman” description and photos - Russia - South: Taman

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Winery "Chateau-Taman" description and photos - Russia - South: Taman. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Due to its unique geographical position at the junction of the Azov and Black seas, a large number of sunny days (there are more of them here than in Yalta and Sochi), fertile soils, warm dry autumn and modern wine-making technologies Taman has become one of the best wine-making regions in Russia.

There are several wineries on the territory of the peninsula. As a result of a number of reorganizations and renaming, from the collective farm “Krasny Fighter” created back in 1929, the OJSC Agrofirma “Yuzhnaya” was formed. The vineyards of the agricultural firm are located on the shores of the Kerch Strait and the Taman estuary in the vicinity of the village of Taman. The central estate of the farm is located directly in the village of Taman, where the Chateau-Taman winery is located. The winery has a branded wine store and a tasting room.

The Yuzhnaya agrofirm includes wine-growing and wine-growing farms (in the northern part of the Taman Peninsula) with a central estate in the village of Kuchugury and in the village of Garkusha, also on the bank of the Taman bay. Another branch is called Kuban JSC, whose vineyards are located in the northeastern part of the Taman Peninsula. The central estate of this farm is located in the village of Kurgan, where the Kuban winery is located.

You can take an excursion around the territory of the Chateau-Taman winery. Of course, it is better to do this in autumn or spring, and not during the busy season of winegrowers from August to September, when the entrances and territory of the plant are occupied by technological transport, and the workers are completely immersed in the production process.

The territory of the plant amazes with the cleanliness and brilliance of multi-ton stainless steel containers, piping and automation, a small number of service personnel. Trucks-tanks with wine materials, decorated with the name of the agricultural company "Yuzhnaya", look like real beauties.

In 2004, under the leadership of the French oenologist Jerome Bare, the project "Chateau-Tamagne" was launched to introduce classical wine-making technologies on the Taman Peninsula. As a result, in 2005 the first Chateau-Tamagne wines were released. In 2007, the production of aged wines "Chateau Tamagne Reserve" began, and in 2011 - collection wines "Chateau Tamagne Reserve".

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Topic: Winery ”Chateau-Taman” description and photos - Russia - South: Taman.Winery ”Chateau-Taman” description and photos - Russia - South: Taman

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