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Cat Museum description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk

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Cat Museum description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk

Cat Museum description and photos - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

A separate section of the museum is about the history of the cat from the times of Ancient Egypt to the present. Especially interesting are materials about cats in Russia, including about the Petersburg-Leningrad cats.

One of the important parts of the exposition is the theme of cats in art, since since ancient times cats have inspired writers, poets, musicians, sculptors, artists to create their works. In addition, in the museum you can get acquainted with works of verbal creativity on the topic of cats. These are proverbs, sayings, omens, riddles, poems, fables, and fairy tales.

The Cat Museum also presents costumes, paintings, souvenirs and household items brought from different parts of the world , as well as postcards, photographs, posters, advertising posters, installations, reproductions of works of art, which immortalize the grace of His Feline Majesty.

All the museum's exhibits are the look of artists and ordinary children at a graceful animal - a cat. Museum workers assure that cats surround a person everywhere: in the house, and on the street, and even in outer space. The caretaker of the unusual museum, Benedict the cat, completely agrees with this.

The idea of creating a museum came to the head of veterinarian Anna Kondratyeva, when the clinic accumulated quite a few gifts related to cats, which were brought by the owners of cats in gratitude for saving the animal ... To somehow diversify the collection, Anna organized a children's competition on the theme "In the world of the cat". The competition has ended long ago, but the work is still underway. They are sent from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Israel, and Cuba. These are drawings with a pencil, and paints, and appliques, and crafts from threads and fluff, and origami. Exhibits made by the hands of children live side by side with the works of masters. Recently, for example, the artist Elena Lazareva donated her works to the museum. The plans of the museum include conducting zoology lessons for schoolchildren, puppet shows.

The special pride of the museum is the toilet. Inside, its interior resembles a cozy cat's house. In the lobby of the museum there is a model of a cat monument. It is currently being cast in a St. Petersburg workshop.

The Cat Museum in Vsevolzhsk invites both adults and children to go on an entertaining journey through the Country of Cats. The itineraries of this trip are drawn up by the museum staff, depending on the level of preparation of the travelers. so that all visitors during their trip to the Land of Cats would act as researchers and would discover something new and amazing about these animals. Even if you think that you know everything about cats, then in this museum there is still something for you - something you never heard or knew about. In addition, your knowledge may be useful to the museum. And for those who are new to cat studies, the museum workers are laying a special light route, which in an easy and relaxed manner without much edification will help cat knowledge penetrate the heart of a novice cat lover.

The Cat Museum differs from other museums in that here you can: touch the exhibits with your hands, play with the naked Sphynx cat Beney, look into the Cat's house, walk on the roofs, become a cat doctor Aibolit for a while, enjoy cartoons with cats in the lead roles. You can visit the museum only by pre-registering.

In 2011, a representative office of the Cat Museum was opened in St. Petersburg. It is called the "Republic of Cats".

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