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Walyunga National Park description and photos - Australia: Perth

Walyunga National Park description and photos - Australia: Perth

Walunga National Park (Walyunga National Park) description and photos - Australia: Perth. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Walyunga National Park.

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Walunga National Park is located on the Darling Ridge on both sides of a steep valley 40 km from Perth. To the east of the park in the picturesque Avon Valley, the Avon River merges with the Brockman River and together they give rise to the Swan River, which flows through the center of the park. In summer, it turns into a string of calm backwaters, and in winter - into a raging stream with numerous rapids. It is in the winter that courses are held here in canoeing on the so-called "white water" - the most dangerous.

Walunga is also famous for its wild flowers, fragrant in winter and spring, abundance of animals and breathtaking mountain landscapes. Even in the last century, the territory of the park was used by the natives of the Niungar tribe. In general, archaeological finds indicate that that the aborigines have lived in these places for the past 6 thousand years! Explore the heritage of the past, hear the myths and legends of indigenous peoples, and admire the flora and fauna of the park on the 1.2 km Aboriginal Heritage Trail that winds along the banks of the Swan River.

The word "valunga" itself has an aboriginal origin, but its meaning has not yet been precisely established. According to one version, it means "the land of the northern niungars", according to the other - "a happy place."

On the banks of the river and on the lowlands of the park, huge umbrella eucalyptus grow, and on both slopes of the valley - bent-hooked eucalyptus. The hills are forested, and the steepest mountain ridges can be seen with West Australian eucalyptus trees. The wastelands are teeming with heikia shrubs, grevilleas and other low plants.

The park's avian population is typical of the Darling Ridge Bushland. Many of the species found here were once widespread in the coastal plains, but the rate of urbanization and agricultural development have significantly reduced their population. As a result, many more Bushland-specific birds are found today in Walunga than in the famous parks near Perth, including Kings Park and Yanchep National Park.

When the level of the Swan River drops, black ducks and sometimes gray teals appear on its banks. In high water they hide among the flooded trees, away from the turbulent river flow. Here you can also find the Australian Shepherd and Caroline duck. Fish, frogs, tadpoles and small invertebrates attract many aquatic bird species to the river banks, for example, small black and variegated cormorants that pile up in trees and dive from there for prey.

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Topic: Walyunga National Park description and photos - Australia: Perth.Walyunga National Park description and photos - Australia: Perth

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