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University of Aberdeen description and photos - UK: Aberdeen

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University of Aberdeen description and photos - UK: Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen description and photos - UK: Aberdeen. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is University of Aberdeen.

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The University of Aberdeen is the third oldest university in Scotland and the fifth in Great Britain, founded in 1495. In its present form, the university has existed since 1860, when two ancient educational institutions merged: King's College in Old Aberdeen and Marishal College in New Aberdeen.

King's College was founded in 1495 by the Bishop of Aberdeen William Elphinstone at the Cathedral of St. Mahar. During the Scottish Reformation, Catholic teachers were expelled from the university, but in general, King's College retained the spirit of Catholicism. Marischal College, by contrast, was founded by Reformation supporter Georg Keith, Earl of Marischal. This university was located in New Aberdeen, the commercial part of the city, and in many ways fundamentally differed from King's College - the university took an active part in the life of the city, and students were allowed to live not only on campus, but also in the city. The long history of rivalry between the two educational institutions unfolded not only in the field of scientific disputes - it often came to street fights between students.

In 1641, King Charles I of Scots made an attempt to unite the two universities into one - Carolina University of Aberdeen. Their union was ratified by the parliament of Oliver Cromwell and lasted until the restoration of the monarchy, when all previous laws lost force, and the two educational institutions became independent again. Their final unification took place only in 1860.

Now the university consists of three colleges: arts and social sciences, natural sciences and medicine and physical sciences, each of which, in turn, consists of separate faculties and departments.

The buildings that originally housed King's College and Marishal College are the pride of Aberdeen's architecture. The oldest buildings in the Royal College complex date back to 1500 - the Crown Tower and the Chapel. The openwork "lamppost" tower is considered a masterpiece of medieval architecture, while oak seats with awnings and other elements of the original decor have been preserved in the choir of the chapel. In 1913, a new building was built, New Kings, which is designed in the same style as the old buildings.

Marishal College is a magnificent example of neo-Gothic architectural style. Most of the building is now occupied by the Aberdeen City Council, the university owns only the northern wing, which houses the Marishal Museum and the Great Hall.

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