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Lenin Museum-Apartment description and photo - Russia - North-West: Pskov

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Museum-apartment of V. Lenin description and photos - Russia - North-West: Pskov

Museum-apartment of V. Lenin description and photos - Russia - North-West: Pskov. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Museum-Apartment of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in Pskov is a historical place associated with his life and work. It is located in the former house of the merchant Chernov, in the apartment of the pharmacist Luria, on the third floor, where in 1900 V.I. Lenin rented a room. After the Siberian exile, the authorities banned Lenin from living in the capital, large industrial and university cities. He decided to choose the city of Pskov, where he hoped to organize the first all-Russian political newspaper Iskra and form a group of allies to distribute it. Lenin spent almost 3 months in Pskov.

The collection of materials about Lenin's stay in Pskov began in 1924. This decision was taken by the public, who wished to open a Museum of the Revolution with a section dedicated to the famous leader of the proletariat. The museum was initially located in the building of the provincial historical museum (March, 1925), and on January 22, 1930, the room of V.I. Lenin, where he lived. This date is considered the day of the opening of the apartment-museum of Lenin in Pskov.

The first museum exhibition contained 120 photographs dedicated to the life and work of the great leader, his small bust was presented. In the mid-1930s, it was possible to collect authentic things and restore the living conditions of the apartment. In January 1936, the apartment was transferred to the Museum of the Revolution. During the Great Patriotic War, the museum was destroyed, and the exposition was irretrievably lost. In 1954, restoration work was completed. The apartment-museum was given 3 rooms: a memorial room and two for documents. In 1970, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin, the layout of the apartment was recreated. Household furnishings and genuine things of the Ulyanov family appeared in the exposition.

Now in the museum you can learn about Lenin's stay on the Pskov land in 1900, view memorial things of the Ulyanov family and the interior of a city apartment of the early XX century, hear a story about Pskov at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries (houses, streets, occupations of townspeople).

The first exposition hall presents the socio-economic situation in the Pskov province before V.I. Lenin (1900). The backbone of the province's economy at that time was the Pskov flax, and sightseers will be able to see the tools for processing flax and linen products.

Hall II contains exhibits telling about Lenin's being in exile in the village of Shushenskoye (Siberia), and about his desire to choose the city of Pskov for living after the end of exile. This fact is confirmed by Lenin's autograph of a letter to A.N. Potresov: "I dream of Pskov."

Hall III opens with a photograph of Vladimir Lenin (1900) and old photographs of Pskov taken by the leader upon his arrival in the city. Here you can also see a copy of the “Draft statement of the editors of Iskra and Zarya,” written in this apartment.

In Hall IV, postcards and letters to relatives written by Vladimir Ilyich in Pskov are presented. In addition, there is an exposition "Women of the Leader" with portraits and information about his wife, mother and sisters. In separate showcases you can see things and costumes of residents of Pskov of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

In the center of Hall V, a complex is organized Living room in a pskovitch's apartment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. '' There are also books that accompanied V.I. Lenin on his trips, and the travel basket of the Ulyanov family, in which these books were transported.

The interior of the hallway has been recreated in the apartment. Here you can see typical things of the late XIX - early XX centuries, and, in addition, a chair from Lenin's Kremlin apartment and the travel chest of the Ulyanov family. The apartment also has a memorial room, which in 1900 was occupied by the family of the pharmacist K.V. Luria. Here are a bed, a desk, a sofa, chairs, a coat rack and other things of that time. It was in this room from March 20 to June 1, 1900 that V.I. Lenin.

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