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Lenin Museum in Finland, Tampere resort

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The Lenin Museum is the first V.I.Lenin Museum, opened for outside the USSR. Today it is the only functioning museum outside of Russia, dedicated to the personality of Lenin and the era of socialism.

The Lenin Museum was opened on the anniversary of the death of V.I.Lenin - 20 January 1946 - at the Workers' House in Tampere. The museum was housed in the same hall, where Lenin and Stalin first met in 1905. Within the same walls V.I. Lenin promised to recognize Finland as an independent state when the Bolsheviks will come to power. The proposal to create a museum dedicated to the"leader of the revolution", appeared in the 1920s.

Initially, the museum's exposition expanded due to financial aid and exhibits from the USSR. The first Soviet tourists, however, were able to visit museum only in 1955. In 1965, a memorial was installed in the Workers' House a board with a bas-relief of Lenin.

In the 70s, the museum became very popular, but these years support from the Central Lenin Museum in Moscow is declining. So the museum in Tampere is becoming more independent. The next decade happens renovation of expositions and overhaul of the museum premises; begins organizing and conducting various lectures and scientific seminars.

In 1985, a postage stamp was issued in the Soviet Union with depicting the Leninist Museum in Tampere. In 1986 in connection with Fortieth anniversary of the museum, he was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples by the Presidium Of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. At the same time, the largest number of visitors was reached.

After the collapse of the USSR and the closure of the Moscow Central Museum Lenin Museum in 1993, the Finnish Museum remained the only Lenin Museum in the world, open constantly. At the same time, a shop with souvenirs was opened at the museum and books on socialist topics. After a few years, they became organizing outdoor exhibitions, thanks to which a lot of people around the world got acquainted with the work of the museum. At the same time, the website of the Leninist Museum in Tampere.

Since its foundation and until recently, the museum belonged to Association of Labor Museums and Society"Finland - Russia", the museum worked under supported by the city authorities and the Finnish Ministry of Education. Now a museum is part of the Werstas Working Museum.
In the museum Lenin has two permanent exhibitions -"The Life of Lenin" and"Lenin and Finland". There are also temporary exhibitions on various topics, there is a thematic library, public archive and gift shop. ImageImageImageImage

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