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Troyekurov's house description and photo - Russia - Saint Petersburg: Saint Petersburg

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Troyekurov's house description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg

Troyekurov's house description and photos - Russia - Saint Petersburg: Saint Petersburg. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Troyekurov's house is located in St. Petersburg, on Vasilievsky Island, 6th line, 13. It is amazing how well preserved to our time this ancient Troyekurov mansion - a unique example of stone buildings of the Peter's era, a kind of first typical "exemplary" St. Petersburg project. It was with such typical houses "for eminent" owners that Petersburg was built up in the middle of the 18th century.

According to historical information, Tsar Peter I issued a decree according to which the development of St. Petersburg was strictly regulated by the social and material situation of every resident of the city who has the opportunity to build a private residential building. The new house was to be built according to one of the highly recommended "exemplary projects", of which there were only three: for the "famous", for the "prosperous" and for the "mean".

According to historians and experts, the Troekurov House is the second stone building in St. Petersburg after the Menshikov Palace. This mansion was built in the 30s of the 18th century for the merchant Alexei Troekurov, who served as the steward of Peter I, the first architect of that era, Domenico Trezzini. The house is marked with a memorial plaque as an architectural monument, built in 1720-1730 according to a “model project”. Troekurov's house is an example of the early Petrine baroque, which has not yet overgrown with pretentious forms and decorations.

The house was originally built two-story, but the first floor "went" into the ground and now it is rather a semi-basement, where today the cafe-bar "U Troekurov ". Troyekurov's mansion itself is small, but very cozy, two-color (yellow-white), located next to the Three Saints Church. Along the facade of the house, there are nine finely vitrified windows with a relief figured frame, separated by shallow panels, are compactly located. The mezzanine, which completes the central part of the building, perfectly conveys the architectural trends characteristic of the beginning of the century and gives the house a certain splendor character. The architect emphasized the central part and corners of the house with rusticated shoulder blades, giving an additional ceremonial touch to the overall impression produced by the house.

After the death of Troekurov, the house passed to his widow and daughter. Subsequently, the house was resold many times and in 1808 it was bought by the city authorities `` for the residence of the vice-governor. '' In the second half of the 19th century, the house was transferred to the Ministry of Finance, and then again sold to private owners. During its almost three hundred-year history, Troekurov's house has seen many owners: this is Countess Saltykova, State Councilor Kurbatov, and Prince Sterke, and even children, pupils of a privileged orphanage. In the post-revolutionary period, communal apartments were arranged in the house.

In 1968, on the eve of the international exhibition, it was decided to give up Troekurov's house for demolition. However, thanks to a group of enthusiasts (architects V.A.Butmi, M.V. Johansen, historian I.A.Bartenev, teachers and students of the Art Academy), the building was preserved. In 1969, a group of restorers led by I.A. Bartenev and M.V. Johansen carried out restoration work in the Troyekurov house, thanks to which the appearance of the facade approached the original appearance of the building.

Now it houses a three-star hotel with parking for fifty cars. The hotel is gaining more and more popularity, also because it is located in one of the first stone buildings in St. Petersburg. The facade of the house has been preserved in its original form, but the usable area of the building was increased several times.

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