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Icmeler bay description and photos - Turkey: Icmeler

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Icmeler bay (Icmeler) description and photos - Turkey: Icmeler

Icmeler Bay description and photos - Turkey: Icmeler. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Icmeler.

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Icmeler is located in the western part of the Gulf of Marmaris, in an amazingly picturesque bay seven kilometers west of the city, and rest here is a pleasure. Icmeler Bay is a magnificent natural formation unlike any other place. In recent years, this place has become more popular among beach lovers due to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful sandy and pebble beaches.

Icmeler is an amazingly cozy place. The city got its name from the spring water, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. There used to be a lot of water sources here, some of the surviving ones can be seen even now after driving deep into the town.

Icmeler is translated from Turkish as `` lost paradise '', which is completely true: green slopes of mountains descend directly to the sandy beaches, and the turquoise sea under the blue sky is a great place for water sports. Icmeler is especially suitable for family holidays. The sea here is always calm, smooth as a mirror and crystal clear, which is superbly visible the bottom for several meters and colorful fish busily scurrying back and forth.

The mild climate of Icmeler throughout the year creates excellent conditions for healing the body and rest ... The resort greets shocked travelers with majestic peaks of mountains covered with pine forests. The mountains protect it from bad weather and winds. The air here is so clean and fresh that it just takes your breath away.

Icmeler was recently referred to the resort area of Marmaris, however, in recent years it has quickly become a self-sufficient holiday destination with excellent tourist infrastructure. A large number of expensive hotels and hotels are built along the entire coast, some of which have a territory that amazes with its unusual design and size. Moreover, all the hotels in this cozy town are located very close to the sea, so to get to the beautiful beach surrounded by gardens, you do not have to make long hikes, and the first-class level of service in the hotels will make your stay even more pleasant.

The sea in the bay warms up well and is always calm, which is an important fact when resting with children. There are playgrounds and attractions for kids. Adults can visit the city market, shopping center, a variety of discos, and also just walk around the pedestrian zone, leading to Marmaris.

At your service are numerous bars, restaurants, boutiques, etc. If you come closer to the mountains, you can visit the village of Icmelera - Koyichi, where you are always welcome to visit. Leaving the village and continuing towards the mountains, you can get into a large park. Here you can admire exotic plants and enjoy the clean air. You can also stroll along the cozy streets of the open market, where local craftsmen trade.

In Icmeler, vacationers are offered a wide range of entertainment. For example, those who love active holidays will enjoy water skiing, banana boat, jet ski, cycling, windsurfing, fishing, diving and rafting. You can also go horseback riding on the ranch or try yourself on a jeep safari.

Walking around Icmeler itself is also very exciting. And if you want to have fun with all the heart, welcome to the many discos in Marmaris, where you can quickly get there by a special free bus.

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