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Cleopatra Island description and photos - Turkey: Marmaris

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Cleopatra Island description and photos - Turkey: Marmaris

Cleopatra Island description and photos - Turkey: Marmaris. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Cleopatra Island.

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The legendary island of Cleopatra is located in the Aegean Sea and looks like a piece of paradise surrounded by azure waters. Cleopatra Island is a historical site located in the Gokova Bay of the Aegean Sea about eighteen kilometers north of the city of Marmaris. The existing legend tells that about two thousand years ago, Mark Antony gave his beloved and future queen Cleopatra an island. The beauty turned out to be quite capricious, and she did not like the sand that is on the beaches of this island. Then the then emperor Mark Antony ordered the delivery of special sand from North Africa, which was done. According to this legend, it was on the beaches of this island that Antony and Cleopatra spent their nights full of passion and love.

Perhaps this is just a beautiful fairy tale, but the exact same sand exists only in one more place on Earth - in the north of Egypt. The beach on this island is also named after the queen. It has a width of five meters and a length of fifty meters.

The sand is unusual in its structure - the grains of sand are the size of pollock roe, only they are snow-white and look like small pearls. This sand is highly prized, so you shouldn't go to the beach with your shoes on, and you must wash it off when you leave. If you dig 20-40 centimeters, you can stumble upon sandy rock, hard as slabs.

After swimming, you can visit local attractions - the Temple of Apollo and the ancient amphitheater, the ruins of which remind of ancient times (a tour of these attractions takes only 30 minutes). The atmosphere of those times is in the air and it seems that it is quite possible to see famous lovers on the steps of the amphitheater.

The journey to this island covered with ancient legends begins with a boat trip, during which you can see the picturesque islands and bays. The island itself is untouched by civilization.

The sea here, without exaggeration, is crystal clear: the bottom and scurrying fish are visible at a depth of up to 3 meters, and this is far enough from the coast, since the entrance to the water is shallow. Here, not far from the beach, there are the ruins of the city of Sedra, where the aforementioned lovers met.

Like most Turkish beaches, there are umbrellas and sun loungers on Cleopatra Island, so that all interested tourists can swim with pleasure and get the most out of this wonderful place. There are eateries on the island near the beach

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