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Dolphinarium description and photos - Turkey: Kemer

Dolphinarium description and photo - Turkey: Kemer

Dolphinarium description and photos - Turkey: Kemer. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Dolphinarium.

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Dolphinarium in the Turkish city of Kemer is one of the most popular entertainment for vacationers with children, as well as tourists who are not indifferent to these cute mammals. Many travelers choose Kemer for their holidays precisely because of the presence of this entertainment center at the resort, which is located in the famous city park "Moonlight".

The dolphinarium has a huge swimming pool, the depth of which exceeds five meters, and the capacity of the auditorium 800 people. Performances in the dolphinarium are held twice a day, at three and five in the evening. However, the complex is closed on weekends. The cost of an adult ticket is about thirty dollars, a child ticket costs a little less, but sometimes there are discounts in the dolphinarium. Right before the spectacle, you can watch the animals through the transparent walls of the pool.

Two trained dolphins and a sea lion named Filya take part in the show. These sea animals are very beautiful and intelligent, incredibly organized, capable and captivate the viewer already in the first minutes of the show. They are very popular among tourists and are the "stars" of Kemer. Their performance usually begins with a short informative lecture on the life of dolphins in the wild and in the dolphinarium, their habits, features and physical characteristics. You will see that as a result of vigorous human activity, the populations of most whales are on the verge of extinction. You will also learn some interesting facts from the life of marine mammals, you will understand that they have developed intelligence and extraordinary abilities, which dolphins will demonstrate during the performance.

The show usually starts with a sea lion. He walks on fins, slaps them, hits balls with his cute muzzle, flirts with the audience and produces a lot of funny numbers. Dolphins jump out of the water beautifully, twist hoops with their noses, even dance with each other. Their well-coordinated work with coaches is very impressive. You will get a lot of pleasure from this enchanting show and cool drops that will fly to you from the pool.

After the entertainment program, you can take pictures with the dolphins, dive in their pool or play with them in the water. All these pleasures are certainly not cheap, but the impressions will last a lifetime. In addition, in the dolphinarium you can buy paintings, drawn by animals in their free time from performances. Wellness therapy sessions are also held here for children with mental and physical illnesses.

The dolphinarium's only drawback is the excessive heat under its dome at the height of summer. But still, you should visit this entertainment complex and pamper your children with a wonderful show, instill in them love in these majestic and at the same time cute autumn animals, teach them to take care of the nature around us.

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Topic: Dolphinarium description and photos - Turkey: Kemer.Dolphinarium description and photos - Turkey: Kemer

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