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Zagora description and photos - Greece: Volos

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Zagora description and photos - Greece: Volos

Zagora description and photos - Greece: Volos. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Zagora.

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The picturesque village of Zagora is located on the slopes of Mount Pelion at an altitude of 480 m above sea level (Thessaly region). It is a traditional Greek settlement with numerous old mansions and cobbled streets, surrounded by greenery, as well as one of the largest settlements in Pelion.

The first written mentions of the settlement are found in the "fables of Aesop" (6th century BC). BC). During the Byzantine Empire, the city was actively developing and already had its own port in the coastal Chorefto. The peak of its prosperity fell on the 17-18th centuries, when Zagora became an important commercial, industrial and cultural center. The magnificent silk produced here was in particular demand, exported in huge quantities to different countries. Strong trade and cultural ties with European countries favorably affected the city's prosperity, as well as its intellectual development.

Today the colorful town is very popular among tourists. Here you will find a good selection of cozy hotels and apartments, excellent local taverns and cafes with excellent cuisine, stunning nature and a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

Among the main attractions of Zagora, it is worth highlighting the beautiful churches of Agia Paraskeva (1803), Agia Georgios (1765), Agia Kiriyaki (1740), the Monastery of the Transfiguration (a monument of the Byzantine era), the Rigas school-museum and the famous Zagora Library, which houses thousands of rare old books and valuable manuscripts. Of great interest are the many well-preserved magnificent ancient buildings, which date back to 17-18 centuries and are important historical monuments.

Beach lovers should definitely visit the nearby popular resort of Agios Ioannis, whose beach is a repeated winner of the "blue flag" of UNESCO. However, near Zagora you will find quite a lot of good beaches.

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