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Geography and Climate in Palawan

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Geography and   Climate

Palawan   - Philippine island, which together with   nearby islands forms a province bearing the same name. The population of the province is about 755   000   inhabitants. Palawan is 425 kilometers   long, and   is also about 9   kilometers wide.

The total area of Palawan is quite significant   - 14   896 square kilometers. The island of Palawan is located between the Sulu Sea, in   southeast direction, and   also the South China Sea, lying in   direction to   northwest.

The administrative center of Palawan is Puerto Princesa. Palawan Island is divided by a mountain range, which has a significant impact on the   climate. The main annual rainfall falls in the   period from   early May to   the end of December. Climate of Palawan   - subequatorial, quite hot. The air temperature here in   on average ranges from   + 26   ° C   to   + 27   ° C.

The time zone of Palawan Island: GMT + 8 (+ 4   hours from   Moscow).


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Palawan.Geography and Climate in Palawan

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