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Ruins of the city of Troy in Turkey, Aegean coast resort

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Troy is an ancient legendary city located on the Hisarlik hill on the Aegean coast.

The city has a long history, but its ruins were found only more than a century ago in 1870 by archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who produced excavations of the Gissrlyk settlement. The greatest surprise was not the discovery of the city itself, but the finding under it of another 8 cities, located one under one, layers.

The lowest layer, dating back to 3000 – 2600 BC e., was called Troy I. It was a small settlement with a diameter of about 100 meters, surrounded by massive walls with towers.

Layer Troy II, dated 2600 – 2300 BC, was erected on the ruins of an ancient fortress, and territorially occupied about 125 meters. In the central part of the city there was a palace surrounded by a courtyard with warehouses and residential buildings.

Layers of Troy III – IV – V are larger settlements dating back to 2300 – 1900 BC There are already small groups of houses separated by streets.

Layer Troy VI dating from 1900 – 1300 BC, testifies to wealth, power and prosperity. The city was surrounded by powerful walls with 3 towers and 4 gates along the perimeter. The city walls were up to 5 meters thick. Palaces, large buildings and terraces were also found in the city.

With Troy VII, which existed   1300 – 900 BC,   related events, which are described in the poem dedicated to the Trojan War by Homer   The Iliad. After the war, Troy was plundered and destroyed by the Greeks, and then captured by the Phrygians.

Troy VIII, dating back to 900 – 350 BC, belonged to the Greeks and was considered quite comfortable. A sacrificial site and a temple to Athena have been discovered on the site. Over time, the city was abandoned by part of the population, after which it fell into decay.

According to excavations, Troy IX was built in the 350s BC. – 400 A.D. in the era of the Roman Empire. Roman emperors from the Julian dynasty – Klavdiev did everything for a large-scale reconstruction of the city. Constantine the Great even considered making Troy the capital, but with the rise of Constantinople, the meaning of the idea was lost. In the future, the city was captured and destroyed by the Turks.  

Currently, the ruins of Troy represent one of the most popular tourist sites on the Aegean coast.

The archaeological site is now on the list of the World UNESCO heritage site.

Topic: Ruins of the city of Troy in Turkey, Aegean coast resort.Ruins of the city of Troy in Turkey, Aegean coast resort

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