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Phuket Geography and Climate

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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, with a total area of 21 km wide and 48 km long. On the one hand, the resort borders on the southern tip of the mainland of the country, on the other, it is washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea. Phuket is connected with the mainland through a dam, on the top of which a highway is laid.

The island's population is 200 thousand people. The administrative center is the city of Phuket. It is more convenient to cover the distance from Bangkok to the island (about 800 km) by plane. Travel time will be 1.5 hours.

The relief of Phuket is varied. Mountains and valleys account for about 70% of its area. The highest point of the resort is Peak 12 Reeds, located 529 km above sea level. The rest of the land is occupied by plateaus. The resort is rich in landscapes. There are rocky highlands, forest hills, sandy beaches, and limestone cliffs.

The settlements of the resort are located on different sides of the island. In the southeast of the island, Phuket Town is home to about 83 thousand people, while the population in the northwestern part (Patong Beach) varies depending on the season.

Administratively, the island is divided into 3 parts: Kathu, Talent and Muang.

Phuket local time: GMT +7 (+3 hours to Moscow).


There are only 2 in Phuket climatic seasons: rainy (May - October) and hot (November - April).

During the rainy period, it rains for several hours on the island during the day, the rest of the time is clear. The wettest month is September.

For rest, it is better to choose days from November to September. At this time, sunny dry weather sets in. The air temperature at this time ranges from 22 to 34 ° C.

In the high season (December - January), the water temperature warms up to +21 ... 28 ° C.


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Topic: Phuket Geography and Climate.Phuket Geography and Climate

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