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Geography and climate in Harrachov

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Harrachov is a famous ski resort in the Czech Republic. It is located in the western part of the Giant Mountains in the valley of the Mumlava River, which is not far from the border with Poland.

The southern part of the resort borders on the slope of the Certova Gora (height 1020 m), the northern part - on the Silesian ridge (its height mountains 1059 m, 1115 m).

The nearest international airport from the resort is in Prague. You can get from the capital by car or by train, the journey will take about two hours.

The time zone of the Harrachov resort is GMT + 1 (- 2 hours with Moscow).


The climate of the Harrachov resort is moderate and quite mild. The average annual temperature on the slopes of the Krkonose is +4.9 ° С, and at the height of the ski season - about -6 ° С. The thickness of the snow cover in these mountains is about 1-1.5 m. The mountain peaks of the resort remain snowy for 180 days a year, that is, about six months.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Harrachov.Geography and climate in Harrachov

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