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Salman Street description and photos - Turkey: Ankara

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Salman Street description and photos - Turkey: Ankara

Salman Street description and photos - Turkey: Ankara. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Salman Street.

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Shopping in the capital is an entertaining business, because in this way you can also get acquainted with the architecture of the city along the way. The most lively and attractive street in Ankara, a kind of "Arbat", is Salman Street, which is also called the "Copper Alley". This name is not accidental: a large number of local shops and craft workshops offer tourists a variety of copper products (including white), for which the East is famous - jugs, dishes, candlesticks, mugs and other utensils. Copper is widely used by residents of Ankara to create traditional jewelry.

Local artisans can offer tourists souvenirs and products for every taste and color, the average price of which is around thirty US dollars. When buying, do not forget that here, as, in general, and everywhere in the east, even in large stores and supermarkets, it is allowed to bargain or ask for a discount on modern slang. Here you can also buy inexpensive textiles or inexpensive handmade carpet. Also in these places for a long time they have produced high quality angora (white hare's wool). Pet lovers will certainly be interested in Angora cats, and their proud disposition and unusual color can hardly leave you indifferent. There is also an opportunity for grape lovers to choose excellent Muscat.

Most restaurants in Ankara specialize in local cuisine, but this does not mean that it is hard to find establishments here that offer Asian, European and other cuisines.

There are numerous restaurants on this street , shops, salons, shopping arcades and clubs. There are also streets here, which can be conditionally called `` women's clothing store '', `` Mitinsky radio market '', `` flea flea market. ''

After interesting and informative excursions in Ankara, you can have fun and have fun by arranging an exciting shopping tour of the central Salman street. After that, you will definitely not be able to return home without useful purchases and unusual souvenirs.

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Topic: Salman Street description and photos - Turkey: Ankara.Salman Street description and photos - Turkey: Ankara

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