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Mount Nemrut in Turkey

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Mount Nemrut is located in the southwestern part of Anatolia. The height of Mount Nemrut is 2   150 meters. The easiest way to get there is from the city of Ankara on the expressway. Excursion trips are organized from most of Turkey's major cities, located within a radius of about two hundred kilometers from the mountain.

Nemrut peak is widely known for its sights and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Historical Nemrut monuments include an ancient burial mound and huge stone statues of Greek gods and goddesses, erected in the period from 62 to 38 BC around this mausoleum.

The burial mound is about fifty meters high. Among the statues located on the mountain, you can see Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, as well as Antiochus I, the ruler under whom these statues were erected. The statues have survived to this day only partially.  

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Topic: Mount Nemrut in Turkey.Mount Nemrut in Turkey

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