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Washington. Recreation and entertainment

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Washington is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Among the many bars and   clubs you can always find something for yourself.

The U   Street   is a real center for jazz. The clubs located here are always packed to overflowing.

Classical music and   opera are very popular among city residents. You can listen to them   at the   Washington Opera and   at   Symphony Orchestra performances. The US Air Force Choir also sings here.

Almost every hotel   has its own bars, each of which offers something different. Dance clubs are concentrated in   areas such as Adams Morgan and   Dupont Circle. For example, the     nautical Reef club, which hosts great themed parties, and   also the Finn MacCool`s, which features an Irish band. There are few clubs with   Latin American themes, especially the famous club Rumba Cafe, which serves Brazilian cuisine and plays traditional music of this country.

City restaurants are famous for their variety and   excellent service. The city's best restaurants are located in the   city center and   neighborhoods such as Georgetown, Dupont Circle and   Adams Morgan. In the   city center, you can have a bite to eat at the   small restaurant Luigi`s Pizza, which is a favorite place for tourists.

Antique stores, boutiques, malls and   markets   are all easy to find in Washington DC. Huge shopping centers are located in all parts of the city. There are especially many stores in   malls such as Arlington and   Virginia`s Alexandria.

Souvenirs and   gifts are available at   Smithsonian &   America! Also in   Washington is the largest American shopping center   - Tysons Corner Center.



White House. White House with   1800 is the official residence of the President of the United States of America. The building itself   is a two-story house with   a front part decorated with columns. The White House got its name from the color of the outer walls. Inside, the building is decorated with more colors. In the   blue hall, for example, ceremonial meetings are held, and   in the   Green   - informal receptions. On certain days, the White House is open to tourists.

Capitol Hill. The US Congress building is located on the   Capitol Hill. The building has two wings, for meetings of the Senate and   House of Representatives, and   central part   - Rotunda, which is considered to be the center of the city. The hall of the Rotunda is decorated with frescoes and nbsp; sculptures of famous figures of the USA. All halls are free for tourists to visit   - you can even look at   meetings of the Senate and   House of Representatives.

The colonnade, on which the dome of the building rests, is similar to the   colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral, which is located in   St. Petersburg. A lantern is installed on top of the   dome, which is crowned with the Statue of Liberty.

Until the   30s of the 20th   century, the US Supreme Court was located in the   Capitol building, but in   1935   it had a separate building on   Capitol Square. The Supreme Court is also free to visit. Tourists are invited to listen to lectures, watch films and   even see the real trial with their own eyes.

Here   same, on the   square, there are 3   large buildings of the Library of Congress of the United States of America. They are named after John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and   James Madison   - the second, third and   fourth presidents of the United States.

This   library is one of the   largest in the   world. In addition to books and   manuscripts, the archives of 23   presidents of the States are kept here. The buildings of the Library of Congress, and   also the interiors   - a real work of art.

George Washington Memorial. The George Washington Memorial   is one of the most famous monuments in the city. From the   observation deck, located at   an altitude of 169   meters, a magnificent view of   all the sights of Washington.

Pentagon (Ministry of Defense building). The Pentagon   is the largest building in the   world in terms of   floor area. It is a set of pentagons connected by transitions and   embedded in each other. Now this"secret object" receives many tourists   - just show your passport and   go through a metal detector. Excursions around the Pentagon are conducted by cadets. At   completion, everyone visits the memorial to those killed in the   11   September 2001 attacks   - it   is located where the Boeing 757 collided with the   building.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and   Paul. Its second name   - Washington Cathedral. In   size, this cathedral is the sixth in the   world and   second in   all of America. It is made in   late Gothic style. Construction, which began in   1907   year, ended only in   1990. This cathedral is famous all over the world for its statues of gargoyles and   stained glass windows. Of these, the most famous stained-glass window   is a"space window" made in honor of a man's flight to the   moon.

Olympic National Park. Olympic National Park was founded in   1938   year. This park with an area of 350,000   hectares is called so thanks to Mount Olympus, located on its territory. The main feature of the park & nbsp; is the combination of completely different climates. Mount Olympus   is the border between the tropical western and the very dry eastern part. The peninsula with the   park was previously separated from the mainland, so there are unique species of animals and plants that are not found anywhere else. You can return to the   park again and   again   - it   will always surprise you with something new.

International Spy Museum. The International Espionage Museum   is one of the   newest museums in   Washington DC. The   number of its founders includes   Russian   - Kalugin, who was once a resident of the USSR in the   USA. This museum   - the only one, so fully covering all facets of this profession. More than 600 exhibits can be seen here, such as, for example, a pistol in   the form of lipstick, an umbrella with   poison, hidden cameras and   much, much more. In the   shop at the museum, you can buy yourself spy paraphernalia.


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