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Geography and Climate in Toulouse

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Toulouse is the largest city in the south-west of France and the capital of the Pyrenees region, one of the most famous French regions thanks to its rich history and many monuments from the Middle Ages. Now the city is known as one of the main scientific and economic centers of France, and the presence of several dozen architectural monuments provides Toulouse with a stable tourist inflow. According to the latest data, the population of the city was about 400 thousand people without taking into account the agglomeration, this is the third indicator in France.

Toulouse has no direct flights with any of the Russian cities, so most of the tourists who want to get here , redeems either a tour of the southern cities of France with a stopover in Toulouse, or carries out a transfer.

Getting from Paris is quite problematic due to the long distance - 670 kilometers even on the branded high-speed trains of France take a long time. An alternative would be domestic flights, but the ticket price is very high during the tourist season.

The most suitable starting point in Toulouse will be Marseille - the second largest city in France is 410 kilometers from the capital of the Iberian region, and this distance by train is covered in about 3 hours, taking into account all stops. Lyon is located a little further, the cities are separated by 530 kilometers, so the travel time will be about an hour longer.

You can get to Toulouse by car or bus from Bordeaux. The distance between the two cities along the highways is no more than 240 kilometers, therefore, very often tourist groups combine visits to these two cities.

According to the long-term study of the climate of Toulouse, the city is located in the border area, so its climatic zone can be called transitional: from Mediterranean to subtropical. Favorable conditions provided this territory with good population - a warm mild climate, moderate rainfall throughout the year, the absence of cold winds. Winters are cool here, but they can be very warm, about the same as in the cities of the French Riviera.

The warmest month of the year is August, the temperature in the shade during this period can reach + 25 ° C, and this is far from the limit. Summer in Toulouse is characterized by temperature rises up to + 30 ° C in the shade. The number of clear days in the summer season prevails, rains are possible, but they can last long only at night.

Winter in Toulouse cannot but please the inhabitants of the more northern regions - even temperatures of 0 ° C are considered abnormal here, not to mention subzero temperatures. The average thermometer in the coldest month, January, is about +4 ° С, but there may be warming up to + 10 ° С.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Toulouse.Geography and Climate in Toulouse

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