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Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia) in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia) was originally an Orthodox cathedral, then   turned into a mosque, and now – it is a museum of global importance. Hagia Sophia is a kind of symbol of the 'golden age' Byzantine Empire, an excellent example of the architectural art of those times and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Hagia Sophia Museum (this is its official name today) is located in the historical center of Istanbul, in the Sultanahmet district. The diameter of the cathedral dome is 31 meters, the height of the cathedral reaches 55 meters. Hagia Sophia was erected in the period from 324 to 337 AD during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Constantine I.  

The temple has experienced burnings, devastation and subsequent restoration more than once in its long history. During the construction of the cathedral, the best materials of those times were used, including rare types of marble, gold, ivory, and also silver.

Hagia Sophia is rectangular in shape, the length of which is 75.6 meters, and the width is – 68.4 meters. The domed system from the inside appears to be a gigantic structure and, according to many art historians, is an architectural masterpiece.

The decoration of the temple, including a variety of mosaic paintings and ornaments, undoubtedly deserves attention in the Hagia Sophia. The interior design of the temple lasted for more than one century, its spirit – it is the spirit of luxury and solemn splendor, characteristic of Byzantine art.  

The sights of the Hagia Sophia include the so-called 'weeping column' - a column covered with copper, which has its own belief (if you put your hand into its hole and make a wish, it must certainly come true). In addition, it is curious that the cathedral has a 'cold window' from which, even on the sunniest and hottest day, blows cool.

Topic: Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia) in Turkey, Istanbul resort.Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia) in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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