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Information about Trabzon resort in Turkey

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History has left its mark on the appearance of Trabzon. The various peoples who owned the city made it diverse. Trabzon is not just a resort, this city has absorbed the scent of oriental flavor.

One of the main attractions of Trabzon is Hagia Sophia Cathedral (Hagia Sophia), built in the 13th century ... It is considered the largest Christian temple on this part of the Turkish coast. In the temple you can see perfectly preserved Byzantine frescoes, and not far from the cathedral there is a 15th century bell tower, a destroyed baptismal font and a small museum. The museum is a typical house for these places, which houses an ethnographic collection.

Local churches and monasteries, in addition to the cult function, played an important defensive role. One of the most famous monasteries is the Panagia-Sumela Monastery ("The Blessed Virgin Mary"), which crowns the three-hundred-meter-high rock of the Altyndere Valley. The monastery was founded in 386. In it you can see beautiful frescoes from the 14-15th centuries. Not so far from this monastery are the ruins of other once majestic religious complexes - the monasteries of Perister and Vazelon.

On the Boztepe hill in ancient times there was a temple in honor of Mithras and Apollo. During the Christian era, the hill was built up with monasteries and churches. Of these, only 2 monasteries have survived - the Panaya-Teoskepastos monastery of the 14th century and the amazing Armenian monastery of Kaymakli of the 14-16th centuries.

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Topic: Information about Trabzon resort in Turkey.Information about Trabzon resort in Turkey

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