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Knight's Castle in Turkey, Bodrum Resort

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St. Peter's Castle or Knight's Castle is an architectural complex located in the city of Bodrum.

The castle was built according to the design of the Order of St. John, in the 15th century, on the territory of ancient Halicarnassus. Previously, the city housed the mausoleum of the ruler Mavsol, which was destroyed after several earthquakes. The wreckage and ruins of the mausoleum were later used by the crusaders for the construction of the castle walls.

In 1406 a chapel was built, and by 1437 the fortress walls were also completed. A little later, the castle was rebuilt by the Spanish knights, as a result of which it acquired the Gothic style.

Over the decades, the castle was repeatedly besieged by the Ottoman Empire, but was never captured.

After an unsuccessful attempt on the throne in 1482, the brother of Sultan Bayazid II and the son of Sultan Mehmed II was hiding here.

In 1494, the castle was additionally fortified in order to avoid the attack of the Turks from the mainland. For this, stones from the tomb of Mavsol were again used. By order of Fabrizio del Carretto – Grand Master of the Ionites Order, a round bastion was also built here.

Later, the castle was still captured by Sultan Suleiman. All castles and fortifications were transferred to the Turks, and the castle chapel was rebuilt as a mosque.

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Topic: Knight's Castle in Turkey, Bodrum Resort.Knight's Castle in Turkey, Bodrum Resort

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