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Teplice. Recreation and entertainment

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Thanks to the mild climate and natural resources, large balneological sanatoriums have appeared at the resort, ready to receive vacationers every year.

The resort town of Teplice offers its guests restorative rest in sanatoriums near springs of mineral water.

In addition, visitors to the resort are attracted by the ski slopes of the Krusne Hory Mountains.

The recreation program can include visiting local attractions: the old town hall, the Cistercian monastery, the botanical garden.


Mineral springs

The mineral waters of Teplice are known for their healing effects, are used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, arthritis, conditions after trauma), the vascular system (thrombosis, hypertension), the nervous system (paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy).

Teplitsk springs include to the sodium carbonate type, contain fluorine and various trace elements. The water temperature is + 40 ... 44 ° C.



In winter ski holidays are very popular in Teplice. Ski resorts are located near the city - 5-20 km. They have slopes of varying difficulty (children's, slalom, high-speed), their own ski schools, lifts and cable cars.

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Topic: Teplice. Recreation and entertainment.Teplice. Recreation and entertainment

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