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Red Tower (Kyzyl-Kul) in Turkey, Alanya resort

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In 1226, after the conquest of Alania, Sultan Aladdin Keykubat built a watchtower to protect the city's harbor. Red bricks were used in the construction of the tower, which is why the tower got its name.

Today Kyzyl-Kule is one of the main and popular attractions of Alanya, as well as one of the symbols of the city.

The construction of the tower was completed in 1226, and the fortress walls were built for another 20 years. The tower was designed by a specially invited architect from Aleppo – Ebu Ali Reha el-Kettani.

Previously, the tower could accommodate about 2   000 people. The structure has five floors, not counting the upper ledges located above the loopholes. These loopholes were built for defensive purposes – for pouring hot tar or boiling water on the invaders.

You can get into the tower through the western facade, adjacent to the fortress walls, through high and narrow gates.

For many centuries Kyzyl-Kule reliably protected the port from attacks from the sea. Thanks to its high-quality construction, the tower is still one of the brilliant examples of medieval military architecture today.

Restoration work was carried out here in the 1950s, but the tower was opened to visitors only in 1979.

Today the Ethnographic Museum is located on the ground floor of the tower. 85 stone steps lead to the top of the tower.

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Topic: Red Tower (Kyzyl-Kul) in Turkey, Alanya resort.Red Tower (Kyzyl-Kul) in Turkey, Alanya resort

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