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Ruins of Priene in Turkey, Aegean coast resort

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Priene is an ancient Ionian city located on Cape Mykale, on the western coast of Kalia.

The city was founded in the 11th century BC. Epit – son of Neleus. In the middle of the 4th century BC. the city was moved inland. The Temple of Athena was consecrated here by Alexander the Great himself in 334 BC.

Under the Byzantines, the city no longer played such an important role, and therefore almost did not undergo Christianization.

Priene as a city existed almost until the 13th century – the final retreat of the sea and the invasion of the Turks turned Priene into a small village. At that time, the city completely lost its former significance, thanks to which it managed to be perfectly preserved and it practically does not contain later reconstructions.

One of the characteristic features of the city is the perfectly visible building system. The city was divided into 80 blocks by 6 streets. This scheme of urban planning in such an intact form can be observed, perhaps, only in Pompeii.

You can climb to the city along the road leading to the northeastern gate of the old city. Behind the gates, almost immediately, the building of the city council Buleuterion appears, followed by the Temple of Zeus, the sacred stoa (open galleries of the colonnade, which previously served as places for walking, theatrical foyer and ceremonial halls for celebrations), agora, stadium and gymnasiums.

The most famous city monument is the Temple of Pallas Athena. The construction of the temple was carried out for two centuries, Alexander the Great became its main `` sponsor ''. At the end of construction, the structure was the embodiment of the Ionic style. The building's techniques and proportions were used even in Roman times as the standard. North of the temple is the sanctuary of Dimetra and Kora. This building is the oldest in Priene, so it has survived to this day worse than the others.

A little southeast, you can see the Theater, a striking feature of which are high marble thrones for municipal dignitaries. Theater scene in the 2nd century AD was rebuilt by the Romans. Behind the theater are the ruins of a Byzantine basilica, along a narrow path from which you can get to the acropolis, which lies on the rocky ledge of Telonei.  

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Topic: Ruins of Priene in Turkey, Aegean coast resort.Ruins of Priene in Turkey, Aegean coast resort

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