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Geography and Climate in Incheon

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Incheon   is the third most populous city in South Korea. It houses the second largest port in the country. The city was founded by the Yellow Sea in the Ganghwaman Bay at the confluence of the Hangang River into the sea. Thanks to the port and the largest airport in the country, Incheon has become a major transport hub. Administratively, the city is divided into 2 counties and 8 districts.

You can get to Incheon   by plane with a transfer in Seoul. The flight time to the capital is about eight hours. From Seoul, you can get there by rail, bus, subway or taxi (about 60 km). Incheon is connected by sea to China.

City   convenient to get around by subway, various buses and taxis.

Incheon time zone: GMT + 9 (+5 hours to Moscow).


The climate in these places is maritime, characterized by moderate mildness.   Summer   the average temperature is approximately + 24 ... + 25 ° С.   In winter   the thermometer can drop to -3 ° C. In summer, the city is blown by warm south-westerly winds, in winter cold northeast winds.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Incheon.Geography and Climate in Incheon

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