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Bizerte. Recreation and entertainment

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Bizerte is a good resort for those who want to relax in silence, or want to get to know the local attractions.

There are several equipped fine sandy beaches, well suited for a quiet family vacation. The largest of them - El Remel Beach - is located in the southern part of the city.

In the center of the Besert Harbor is an island, equipped with a marina with many shops and cafe.

There are about twenty hotels in the tourist area, most of them have three stars.

The most unusual is the Bizerta Resort (former Hotel de la Corniche) with 174 beds. All her windows facing the sea, made in the form of portholes. It itself is painted in the usual white and blue tones for Bizerte.

Places of interest
It is pleasant to walk around Bizerte in search of sights, of which there are quite a few.

Major attractions:
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - the first Orthodox church in the history of Tunisia. Its construction was completed in 1938. Inside the temple there is a plaque on which the names of all ships that left the Crimea during the Civil War and sailed to Bizerte are written.

  • Jebel Kebir Fort. There is a Russian naval corps in its building.

  • Old port - located in the center of Bizerte, in fact, it divides the city into two parts: the old and the new.

  • Kasbah Arab fortress - built in the 6th century. It is located in the central part of the old city.

  • Spanish fort - a building to which the walls of the medina converge. Built in 1570.

  • The Great Mosque - a beautiful building built in 1652. Surrounded by picturesque streets.

  • Oceanographic Museum - here you can see representatives of marine flora and fauna. It is located in the building of the “small fort” of Sidi al-Hani.

  • Citadel (Fort Sidi Salem) - built in 1573. After a few rebuildings, it turned into an open-air theater.

  • Xaba Citadel -"city within a city". It has its own mosque and a string of streets.

  • Lake Ishkel - located 30 km from the city, belongs to a national reserve. A place of extraordinary beauty, suitable for lovers of ecological tourism or seclusion.

  • Yusuf Dey Fountain - a beautiful fountain built in 1642.

Travel Tips

Inexpensive embroidery, wrought iron and woven rugs are good souvenirs from Bizerte.

In the old town, in the Bouchoch quarter, there is a large fish market. It is worth a visit - here you can see a great variety of seafood.

In the resort area it is allowed to wear shorts, but in the old town it is better not to show in them.

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