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Ruins of the city of Aspendos in Turkey, Antalya coast resort

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Like Perge, Aspendos was founded after the end of the Trojan War. Initially, the city was part of Lycia, later – as part of Pamilia. Convenient location and mild climate contributed to the active development of the city. Very soon, Aspendos became one of the largest shopping centers. Vineyards and olive orchards were planted in the vicinity, and a port was created on the banks of the Euremedon River.

In 546 BC. the city fell under the rule of Persia. In 469 BC. the Greek commander Cimon destroyed the Persian fleet. Then, in a land battle, the Persians were defeated by the Greeks. At the end of the battle, the city was recognized as a member of the Delian Union.

However, the Greco-Persian wars did not end there. In 386 BC. the city was again captured by the Persians.

In 333 BC. the army of Alexander the Great was approaching the city. Ambassadors were sent from Aspendos with a proposal to surrender without a fight, but on condition that the city did not become the site of the Greek garrison. The Macedonian agreed to the terms, giving the city self-government, for which a tax of 4 thousand horses and 100 gold talents was collected from the townspeople annually.

after the death of the commander, the city became part of the kingdom of the Seleucids, and later – in the Pergamon kingdom.

The city became part of the province of Asia in 133. During the Roman period, Aspendos grew and developed very quickly. At that time, there was also a trade in salt obtained from a nearby lake. The city reached its heyday in 2-3 centuries.

The Byzantines came to replace the Romans. In the 7th century, the city often suffered from Arab raids. In the 8th century, the Seljduks came to Aspendos, who were replaced by the Ottomans 200 years later. In the 17th century, the city was finally abandoned.

The city was built on two hills. Today on the Big Hill you can see the remains of ancient buildings, such as the basilica, acropolis, bouleuterium, agora, nymphaeum, etc. Not far from the city are the ruins of the Roman Aqueduct, which supplied the city with water delivered from the source.

One of the well-preserved structures of Aspendos is a theater for 12 thousand spectators. The theater was built in the 2nd century, in the form of a semi-amphitheater. Behind the last rows at the top, a gallery was built, decorated with casement arches.

Every year in June, the Opera and Ballet Festival is held here, where artists from all over the world perform. The acoustic capabilities of the theater allow artists to perform without amplifiers or microphones.

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Topic: Ruins of the city of Aspendos in Turkey, Antalya coast resort.Ruins of the city of Aspendos in Turkey, Antalya coast resort

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