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Sanctuary of Apollo the Pythian in Greece, Delphi resort

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The Sanctuary of Apollo of Delphi is considered the most significant attraction in Delphi. This temple dedicated to Apollo was built according to one of the versions in the 7th century BC. Traditionally, it is believed that its construction took place under the leadership of legendary architects   Trophonia and Agameda. They are also credited with decorating the temple with bronze.

In 548 BC, the building was almost completely destroyed by a fire. But after a couple of years, the temple was rebuilt. For many centuries, the temple suffered during major earthquakes and more than once reconstruction works were carried out in it.

Only ruins have survived from the sanctuary of Apollo to this day. However, the flow of tourists in these places does not dry out; there are always many who wish to see this ancient Greek shrine with their own eyes.

The interest in the sanctuary of Apollo is explained by the antiquity of this historical monument, and by the diversity of its architectural ensemble, and by the fact that once the clairvoyant prophetess Pythia sat here, for the predictions to which crowds of people sought.  

The perimeter of the temple had approximately 60 meters long and 24 meters wide. The walls were decorated with the sayings of wise philosophers. The perimeter of the temple was surrounded by a colonnade, at present only a small part of it can be viewed.

For a long time, the temple housed the so-called `` Navel of the Earth '', a stone, according to the Greeks, lying in the very center of the earth. Currently, this stone is an exhibit in the Delphic Archaeological Museum. Opposite the place where the omphalus (sacred stone) was installed is the altar of the temple, made of rare natural material – black marble.

The altar of the temple dates back to the 5th century BC.   For many centuries the ruins of the temple were in an abandoned state, but in the period from 1860 to 1901, during archaeological excavations, the remains of the temple were cleared and became available to everyone who wants to join the world history.

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Topic: Sanctuary of Apollo the Pythian in Greece, Delphi resort.Sanctuary of Apollo the Pythian in Greece, Delphi resort

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