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Frantiskovy Lazne. Recreation and entertainment

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Cultural sights

The symbol of the Frantiskovy Lazne spa is the sculpture of a boy Frantisek holding a fish. Legend has it that every woman who touches this statue will definitely bring replenishment to the family. This sculpture was created by the famous sculptor Karl Mayerl in the 20s of the last century.

Tourists also come to admire the Church of the Holy Cross and the Orthodox Church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga characterized by their interesting architecture.

This peaceful city managed to resist widespread industrialization and retained an oasis of peace and quiet.


Mineral springs

Mineral springs at Frantiskovy Lazne 24. They are classified as acidic mineral waters with a strongly alkaline base. In addition to them, sulfuric-ferrous mud and natural gas are used for therapeutic and recreational purposes.

Cardiovascular, rheumatic, gynecological (including infertility) and urological diseases are treated with healing waters. Mineral water is drunk, used for carbonic baths, inhalation and irrigation.

In addition, mud and gas baths are very popular at the resort. The healing mud is used as a mud pack and mud baths. Natural gas for medicinal purposes is used as dry gas sitz baths, gynecological gas baths, gas injections and inhalations.

Such a therapeutic effect will not go unnoticed by any tourist.

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Topic: Frantiskovy Lazne. Recreation and entertainment.Frantiskovy Lazne. Recreation and entertainment

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