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Information about Hiroshima Resort in Japan

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Today Hiroshima attracts tourists primarily with its history and unique attractions. As in any other major Japanese city, there are many cafes and restaurants, mostly with Japanese cuisine. There are a lot of shops in the city, but shopping here is unlikely to work. You can visit the city market, where they sell inexpensively products that are quite unusual for us.


Ridze Castle

This castle, built in 1593, has long been the residence of high-ranking officials. In 1958, after a large-scale restoration, during which the five-story main tower was repaired, a museum was placed in the castle. From the roof of the castle there is a gorgeous view of the islands and the harbor. Ridze Castle is one of the few well-preserved ancient structures in Hiroshima.

Peace Memorial Park

This park was built in honor of the importance of eternal peace on earth. It is famous for its museum, the eternal flame and, of course, the sakura growing here, which bloom very beautifully in spring.

There are several structures in the park that deserve special attention. Among them is a monument to children, opened in 1958. It is a statue of a girl, standing on three pillars and holding   above the head of a paper crane. On the sides, the pedestal is decorated with figures of two more children. The cranes in this monument symbolize peace and hope - after all, according to Japanese legend, if you make a thousand cranes out of paper, then any desire will come true.

It is also worth paying attention to the monument to the victims of a nuclear explosion, created under the direction of the architect Tange Kenzo. Under the stones of the monument there is a list of victims, and on the monument itself you can see the inscription:"Rest in peace, for this mistake will not happen again." The cathedral of the atomic explosion is seen behind the arch of the monument.

There is also a museum on the territory of the memorial park. In the eastern building, you can learn about the history of Hiroshima before the explosion, and the exposition of the western building tells all about the tragic August day.

Cathedral of the atomic explosion

This cathedral is, in fact, the ruins of the building"House assistance to industry ”. It was near this building that an atomic bomb exploded in 1945. In 1996, the monument was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral is part of the Peace Memorial Park.

The building of the House for the Promotion of Industry was built in 1915. After the explosion, the house was not restored - it was decided to leave it in the form in which it appeared before people immediately after the explosion. Its ruins are a symbol of peace and a warning to humanity, showing the horrors of nuclear wars.

Peace Memorial Cathedral

This cathedral was built in 1954. The initiator of the construction was the German Jesuit Hugo Lassalle, who survived the explosion of the atomic bomb. The cathedral is one of the largest Catholic churches in Asia, and many countries took part in its creation. For example, the altar was donated to the cathedral by Belgium, the bronze doors by Dusseldorf, the organ by Colony, and the bells by the German city of Bochum.

Shukkane Garden

This park, made in the image and likeness of a garden on the West Lake in Guangzhou, located on the banks of the Ota. It was broken back in 1620, and surprisingly well preserved.

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