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Geography and Climate in Lyon

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Lyon is one of the largest cities in France, the main city of the eastern region. The centuries-old history has turned Lyon into an authentic French city, which has become one of the centers of excursion tourism. The population of Lyon, excluding the huge metropolitan area, is more than 480 thousand people, a consistently high birth rate and a large influx of migrants ensure an increase in the population.

Lyon is one of those French cities with which Russia has direct flight connections. Regular flights are carried out from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The airport itself is located at a sufficient distance from Lyon, but comfortable buses leave the city around the clock, allowing you to get there in less than an hour.

From Paris by motorways to get to Lyon is very problematic due to the distance of 460 kilometers ... High-speed French trains cover this distance in much less time, which is why large tourist groups use this particular mode of transport. Another advantage of trains is the relatively low cost of travel, in contrast to the airlines, which raise the price tag several times during the high tourist season.

Marseille can become an alternative starting point to Lyon. The distance between these two cities is noticeably less, only 320 kilometers. Many tourists go to Lyon from Marseille even by bus.

The climatic characteristics of Lyon are mostly similar to the continental climate, but there are also some peculiarities here. The not too great remoteness of the Mediterranean Sea makes itself felt: during the year, precipitation falls quite little, summers are most often dry and very warm, winters are cool, with possible thaws.

In summer, the average temperature in the shade is kept at + 24 ° С, the number of sunny days dominates over cloudy ones throughout the summer period. The peculiarity of the local climate is the daily temperature drops - it can be cool at night in Lyon.

In winter, there is practically no snow in the city, despite the long period when the temperature is quite low. The average for January is -2 ° C. Colds are possible, but extremely rare.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Lyon.Geography and Climate in Lyon

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