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Chicago. Recreation and entertainment

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There are many picturesque beaches and parks in   the city. Popular beaches include Oak Street Beach and   Lincoln Park Beach.

Grant Park is one of the   top tourist destinations in   Chicago. On the   territory of the park there is a Campus Museum, which   consists of three museums. The   park often hosts major festivals: Chicago Blues Festival, Lallapalooza Music Festival, Venice Night, Jazz Festival and   others. Every year on July 4   from   in the morning events are held here, dedicated to the Independence Day, which end with a stunning fireworks.

For lovers of outdoor activities, the park has 12 tennis courts, 16 softball fields, yoga, fitness and aerobics classes are also held here.

Also in the   park you can see the picturesque Buckingham Fountain, similar to   one of   Versailles fountains.

Millennium Park , located on the   rooftop of the depot in   north of Grant Park, is the largest park in the   world, built on the   roof. The total area of the park is 101   000 m2. Millennium Park opened in   2004   year.

Today at   In the park, you can visit the Peristyle at   Wrigley Square, Chase Promenade, McCormick Tribune Ice Skating Rink, AT & T Plaza and   Joan   W. and Irving B. Harris Theater for Music and Dance.

In   Chicago Botanic Garden, which occupies 120   hectares, it will be interesting to visit the picturesque rose garden and   Japanese garden, which stretches on & nbsp; three islands.



Willis Tower is one of the   tallest buildings in America, composed of & nbsp; nine different towers, interconnected in a   single structure. From   observation deck on   103rd floor, you can observe a stunning view of   the whole city and   its surroundings, and   on a clear day from the   site overlooks   adjacent territories of neighboring states.

The building houses a skyscraper museum, restaurants and   shops.

The   Center for Architecture provides an in-depth   history of American skyscraper construction. The very first skyscraper was built in   1885 according to the   project of William Le   Baron Jenny. The skyscraper bore the name"Home Insurance Building" and   existed until   1931   year. Initially, the building had only 10   floors, and   in the   future it was increased by   2   floors.

In   Skyscraper Quarter there is a building that was built by Louis Sullivan   - the famous American architect. The building is decorated with fine wrought iron ligature and   large windows. State of   Illinois Building was designed in   1985   year. The skyscraper is famous for its transparent elevators and   rotating floors. The skyscraper Tribune Tower was built according to the   international competition project, in   1920s, in the   Gothic style.

In the   area Old Town you can see buildings and   buildings 20th century. The Church of St. Michael is also located here. In early June, from all over the country, many artists and   other artists come here.

The business center of the city is Loop, where the stock exchanges are located, Rue Lasalle, State Street, Michigan Avenue, which is considered the most beautiful street in the city.

Gold Coast is located between the water tower and   Lincoln Park. Many beautiful old mansions have been preserved here.

The   Art Museum Art Institute, is one of the richest collections of paintings 14th century, and   also the work of the French impressionists.

The University of Chicago is one of the   best universities in the world, having produced more Nobel Prize winners than other famous universities in the world.

Daney Plaza is a popular meeting place for city visitors and   residents of Chicago. Also, agricultural fairs, musical performances and   other events are often held here.

For lovers of painting and   sculpture, it will be interesting to visit the world famous Museum of Modern Art and   Art Institute of Chicago.

The main attraction of Millennium Park is the Pritzker Pavilion, with a   stage at   4   which was designed by Frank Gehry   - a world famous American architect.

Gates Cioud Gate, located in   Millennium Park, are polished to   mirror luster steel structure, externally resembling a drop of mercury, the weight of which is 110   tons. The author of the work was Anisha Kapoor   - the famous sculptor and   winner of the Turner Prize. The gate, installed in   2004  , and   today are one of the   most popular sculptures in Chicago.

Located at   the corner of Pierce Avenue and   Michigan, the water tower was built in   1867   year. The structure is the only survivor of the fire of 1871   and, like   continues to provide water to nearly 400   000   people living in the   uptown area.

Museum Chicago Campus for the convenience of pedestrians. Trees were specially planted here, flower beds were laid out, paths for jogging and   walking were laid. The   campus also features the Adler Planetarium, the Field Museum of Natural History and the   Shedd Aquarium.

Adler Planetarium founded in   1930   philanthropist Max Adler with the participation of astronomer Philip Fox. Today, on the   territory of the planetarium, there are 3   theaters with   celestial spheres. Next to the   Planetarium is a sculpture by Henry Moore"A Man Out into Space."

Field Museum of Natural History, established in   1893   located on Lake Shore Street   -Drive. Popular exhibits of the museum are"Sue"   - the skeleton of a tyrannosaurus, a large collection of   ethnography and   anthropology, which includes artifacts of ancient Egypt, Tibet and   Pacific Northwest Coast, a collection of dinosaurs, taxidermy collection and a collection of"Ancient America" ...

John Shedd Aquarium was opened in   1930 on May 30  . Today, more than 2,100 different species of fish are represented here, as well as a variety of mammals, snakes, birds, arthropods and   amphibians.

Museum of Science and   Industry, opened in 1933   located in the   building of the former Palace of Contemporary Arts. The museum exhibits include a working coal mine, a German U-505 submarine, a Pioneer Zephyr train, a model railway and a spaceship that took part in the Apollo 8 mission.


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